Effective Blogging Strategies To Build a 6-Figure Business From Home

Many people don’t understand why should they blog and how they should blog effectively in order to support their 6-figure online business. In today’s post I’ll reveal how you should think about blogging to create success. 

6-Figure Builders Show #347 – Effective Blogging Strategies To Build A 6-Figure Business From Home 


1. Brand Management Versus Lead Generation

You are the brand and you want to brand yourself, your blog is your main hub on the internet and this is a way how you provide value to the marketplace.

You are actually teaching people something useful and you’re going to keep referring people back from all of your social media sites and from your email list to provide value to them. 

Now leads are the life blood of your business and you want to set up your blog in a way that you give them something valuable to your target audience so they raise their hand and say “I would like to learn more from you and follow you and I would like to get more of your content.

2. Create a Content Calendar

What I mean by that is don’t just sit down in front of your computer every day and wonder what should you blog about today…

What you actually should do is map out a couple of weeks in advance, what I’m going to blog about, what problems I’m going about to be solving in the marketplace and create a content calendar.

Now when you are brand new and you are just starting out, you can blog every single day because nobody knows who you are , you know maybe you have just created your blog, so if you are not going to be in front of peoples’ face all the time it’s going to be harder to get momentum going…

But if you are like me, you’ve created over 320 blog posts, I don’t do it every day anymore, because I have so many more things that needs to get done, like coaching people, mentoring my team and that kind of stuff so I’m not blogging everyday, but I’m focusing more on creating what is called epic content, it’s more elaborate and more detailed content.

It’s going to be more focused in detail on how to solve a problem, may be a 2,000 word blog post,  you can create it maybe once a week because you’re not going to blog 3,000 word content every single day and you are not going to have a life, its more effort right, but if you’re brand new, its okay to blog more, to get more experience.  

3. Identify Your Target Audience And Your Message 

Now this is crucial and this is so important, you got to know who you are speaking to, is it single moms, is it network marketers and teaching them how to generate more leads and make more money? Who are you specifically targeting?

Do you want to help people quit their job, and make more money from home and to teach them internet marketing?

Like you are going to identify, who are the people you are targeting.

What is your core message, what you stand for, what your blog overall theme is all about?

And you should be focusing 95% of your time when you create content around your main blog theme, like for example in my case, I focus on helping people build a 6-figure business online. No matter what company you are, I teach people how to brand themselves, how to generate leads and how to monetize more of their efforts.

So that’s what I am focusing on overall, teaching people different strategies how they can build 6 figure business from home and create more leverage in their lives and live a life for freedom.

So you must figure it out for yourself.

4. Bridge Marketing And Call To Action 

Now it’s crucial whenever you create content you want to think about, ok I’m going to create something of value but how I’m going to bridge that to what I’m selling and promoting? 

Whatever it’s you are promoting, think about how you can bridge that in a very compelling way to have them go into the next step.

You can link them to your blog posts, to your capture pages, to all sort of things but think always what is your next step and what is your call to action? 

Do you have links in your blog post that lead to different ways you can monetize? 

You can have banners, pop ups and stuff like that to monetize your blog as well. 

5. Be Consistent 

If you are going to blog for a couple days and then not blog for for weeks, it’s not going to work. You gotta be consistent in your efforts. 

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Here are some suggestions to set up your blog: 

  1. MLSP Sites – I recommend this platform as it gives you everything you need to build your blog the way that you want and monetize it. It comes with 89 plugins, a lot of them paid premium plugins and beautiful premium themes, all run on fast servers and fast hosting equivalent of at least $650 a year. 
  2.  Kalatu Premium – this blogging platform is super simple and flexible enough to create blog posts and it’s also run on fast servers, and yes it’s built on WordPress. 

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