DIS #97 – Set Yourself Up On FIRE

Do you know what separates you from most people in this world? You have a deep burning desire inside of you to BE more, to HAVE more, to EXPERIENCE more of what life has to offer, to be FREE, to travel around the world and visit places, to impact thousands of people’s of lives, to be a home business entrepreneur and live the laptop lifestyle. 

How do I know? Because you are on my site 🙂

While most people are OK with having a job and living paycheck to paycheck, barely paying their bills, just getting by and living in a little comfortable box, you are not ok with that at all. You want to expand your boundaries and have all the things you want in life. 

it’s time that you set yourself up on FIRE, that you have flames that are burning so big and giving so much light that other  people want to gather around you. 

It’s not your job to convince other people to have desire. It’s your job to build your FIRE big and bright and get your message across to as many people as possible and have the people who resonate with you and your energy to come to you.

It’s time that you put the crown of the king on you. It’s time that you raise your head high and put your shoulders back and speak with clarity and conviction, speak the language of kings, speak the language of leaders, speak the language of someone who is going someplace.

Daily Inspirational Show Ep. 97 – Set Yourself Up on FIRE

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