Different Ways To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Website

No matter what type of online business you run, getting targeted traffic to your websites is a critical skill to master. If you don’t have a steady stream of quality people looking at your offers, you won’t have any online business for long.

What is targeted traffic anyway?

Targeted traffic is when you put your link in front of people who could be interested in what you have to offer and they click.
Generally speaking, you don’t want just to increase any kind of traffic to your website.


Let me debunk a popular myth that a lot of newbie internet marketer believe in. They think that there is such a thing as free traffic. Well, wrong! ALL Traffic has costs. You pay for it with your money or you pay for it with your time, but your time hopefully worth a lot.

So if all traffic cost you money, you need to strive to increase the most targeted clicks to your website.

There are two categories of traffic sources.

Category #1 – those traffic sources cost you more money than time. They consume relatively small amount of time, but you pay money for it. The big advantage with these traffic sources is that you can get targeted traffic in hours, very quickly. You can divide these paid traffic sources further into 2 types.

Fixed Cost Traffic Sources – what they all have in common is that you pay a certain amount of money upfront, and then see how many clicks you get. Your cost doesn’t change with the amount of clicks you get, so your goal here is to maximize the amount of clicks you get.

Examples of Fixed Cost traffic sources include:

• Banner advertising – you design a banner, find sites that are related to your niche who get a lot of traffic, and negotiate with the owner of the site to put your banner there.
• Traffic Agencies – you basically order the amount of clicks you want in your niche to get to your website.
• Newsletter Solo Ads – you pay a predetermined amount to an owner of a newsletter in your niche to send an ad created by you to his entire list of people in his auto responder.
• Text links – you pay for a couple of words of clickable text to put on a website related to your niche.

Performance Based Traffic Sources – Basically you pay for each individual click. Your goal here is to get the most responsive and quality click possible for as cheap as you can get it.

Examples of Performance Based traffic sources include:
• Search Engine PPC – you bid for a certain keyword people are typing in the search box of Google, Yahoo or Bing and your ad shows up.
• Facebook PPC – you create an ad in Facebook and pay for each click.
• CPV – you bid certain domain names in your campaign and pay huge networks, like Traffic Vance, each time a person clicked on these domains and your website shows up.

Category #2 – those traffic sources cost you more time than money. That’s what most people think of when they talk about free traffic. It takes time usually to see the traffic coming to your website, but once it’s gained momentum usually it won’t stop.

• Video Marketing – you create a video, post it on a site like YouTube, and get clicks from the description of the video.
• Article Marketing – you write an article, post it on different article directories and get a link back to your website.
• Forum Posting – You create a post on a forum related to your niche, and add a link back to your site.
• Social Media Traffic – you post on Facebook for free and get traffic to your website.

So there are advantages and disadvantages to any traffic source. My recommendation to you, if you’re just starting out, choose one traffic source that resonates with you the most and master it. Really dig deep, study different internet marketing courses that teach you about this particular traffic source.

Over time you’ll master those traffic sources one by one and you have a diversified flow of traffic to your websites.

In future posts I’ll share more details about particular traffic sources, discuss different ways you can convert this traffic into money, how to capture leads for your business and much more.
To your online success,

Vitaliy Dubinin

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