Different Traffic Sources And Why Traffic Is Not Your Biggest Problem – Daily Inspirational Show Ep. #110

Everyone wants more traffic. But sometimes more traffic means that you will go broke faster. Many internet marketers are obsessed about traffic and they mistakenly believe that all they need is more traffic to make their business profitable. But it’s not. In this post and video you will learn what traffic is, what are the main sources of traffic and why not all traffic is created equal…

The reality is you can spend thousands of dollars on traffic, send thousands of visitors to your website and make nothing. NADA. Squat. Or spend much more on traffic than you earn.

I talk with so many people every week who share the same story that they lost money on traffic and they don’t know why. They bought solo ads or paid for Facebook ads and didn’t get any money back. 

Now before you dive into any traffic source, you have to understand first the big picture view of what stands behind successfully building a business online and what stand behind traffic.

Your whole objective is to build an audience, to turn people who don’t know yet anything about you and who you are – your cold market – to people who know, like and trust you – your warm market.

Basically how do you turn strangers into friends, customers and repeat customers, and ultimately your raving fans.

Until I learned how to do it, I was struggling, I was losing money and it was frustrating.

Now I make friends every day, people come to me all the time to ask for advice on different things and I have more and more customers and repeat customers.

So your job no matter what traffic you do, is to consistently create valuable content, and communicate this value you created, communicate with your new friends and with your team.

Most importantly, you want to BE a person of value, a person of service,  to be a leader other people want to follow and buy from.

Watch this episode and learn about the different traffic sources, what is FREE traffic and paid traffic, highly targeted traffic and less targeted and interruption based traffic, the difference between cold traffic and warm traffic.

Daily Inspirational Show Ep. #110 – Different Traffic Sources

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