Different Strategies To Promote Your Blog Posts [DIS #304]

It’s not enough to just create an amazing blog post with all this great valuable content that you put your time, effort and sweat into creating if very few people will actually see it.  You need to promote your blog posts aggressively and this post I’ll share with you a couple of ideas how to do it. 

If you are using your blog to generate leads for your business and to brand yourself online than you need to promote it. Now some people use their blog just to connect with the people on their email list and that’s fine too, but I suggest you do both. 

Hopefully your blog is set up right for lead generation otherwise it will be a total waste of time. You have your lead magnet in place, you are clear on who your target market is and what are their problems, and you are dialed in on your branding and messaging and you have many ways for people to opt-in to your list – Inside the blog posts, pop ups, sidebar, home page, footer, etc.

DIS #304 – Different Strategies To Promote Your Blog Posts 

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1. Share It On Your Own Social Media Profiles 

The quickest and immediate thing you can do to promote your blog posts is to share it on your own social media profiles. Share it on your Facebook profile, Google Plus, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. There is a plugin called Digg Digg that you can use to quickly do that, or SumoMe, there are tons of them. 

Go and create and image with Canva.com and put it on your Instagram letting people know you have made a blog post and driving people back to your blog. 

2. Share It In Different Social Media Groups

There are ton of Facebook Groups, Google Plus groups and even Linked In groups that are in the niche and will gladly get your content. The key is being consistent. You will get noticed because there are much more people who are spamming those groups than people who are providing value. 

3. Share On Blogging Syndication Tribes

A lot of the bloggers realized that it’s going to be beneficial to everybody to comment and share on each other blogs. When someone comes to your blog and it’s brand new and there are ZERO comments, it doesn’t add much to your credibility, authority and social proof. But when you come and there are 20 comments and hundreds shares then you are more likely to engage with the post too. 

So it’s kind of a collaborative effort, you comment and like and share on other people’s blogs and in return a lot of bloggers will comment, like and share your posts. 

Thus you can tap into for example to the twitter followers of those people who share your post on twitter and increasing your blog traffic. 

Some tribes are private so if you would like to be added to different syndication groups, let me know on Facebook here

4. Create A Video To Promote Your Blog Post 

This is very effective and fun, shoot a video and talk about what you shared in the blog post and get people curious and a call to action to visit your blog. 

So it can be very short 1 minute video even and then upload it to YouTube and Facebook fan page or profile, and other sites that allow you to upload their videos in the niche. 

It can be direct to camera video or recording the screen type of video. 

5. Create A Facebook Ad To Your Blog Post 

This is a little bit advanced strategy but it works extremely well. Facebook loves blog posts and value that you advertise. 

So you can write an ad or record a video and put a link back to your blog, make sure that you provide value on your post and that you are within Facebook Advertising Guidelines or they will quickly shut down your account. 

Then you can target your fans, your email list and event people who just visited your blog, this is called retargeting. 

6. Send An Email To Your List To Promote Your Blog 

This is a must, if you are writing a blog post then make sure to send an email to your list letting them know that you created an awesome content for them. 

This will be an immediate surge of traffic for your blog. This is a way that you build trust and credibility and authority with the people on your email list, regardless of how you generated the leads, always keep people back to your blog. 

7. Doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) On Your Blog Posts

Now this is something I don’t like to do personally cause I don’t like to mess with the keywords and optimize every word, I’m writing for humans. However it may be a mistake, cause I know a lot of people are bringing a lot of traffic from Google when people are searching for particular keywords and those are very targeted people. 

For me it’s just too much time and hassle. You don’t only need to optimize your content itself for SEO, but you need to use additional methods and strategies to promote your blog post in different ways to have it ranked. But if you do it right, it’s a great way to promote your blog and get quality visitors coming to it daily. 

Hope that you are going to take massive action in spite of fear! If you got value feel free to comment below and share with your friends. 







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  • Tommy Olsson

    December 5, 2015

    Thank you for these awsome tips about how to promote blog posts, great stuff! :).

  • Trudy Beerman

    December 4, 2015

    Yep x 7!!! Good stuff.

  • Tara Woodruff

    December 3, 2015

    SOLID Stratagems Vitaliy!!! I see so many bloggers just HOPE folks will show up to their content.

  • Ron Deering

    December 3, 2015

    7 great tips Vitaliy… I try to do all of those everytime i write a post… great value … thanks for always sharing such valuable content..

  • Sandra

    December 3, 2015

    Thanks! Great post. I’ll be hitting you up on facebook for syndication groups. I am in a few, but not all of them are active, or very interesting.

    I do think a good/great strategy is to be in syndcation groups that promote posts that you yourself are interested in. That makes it so much more fun to do the marketing side of the business!

  • Gomer Magtibay

    December 3, 2015

    I understand your #7. But after watching the webinars by Rob Fore and Ray Higdon, I reconsidered. But anyway, you’ve got great blog here, man. This may be your tool for hitting higher leadership levels in MLSP and other online businesses. I learned a lot from your post.

  • Louisa

    December 3, 2015

    Good list thanks Vitaliy. Yes, it is like you can use it two ways, either with SEO, or as the hub of your business for your list. It depends what you want to do. Thanks for this today.