Daily Inspirational Show Ep. #104 – Make Videos To Generate Leads, Build Your Brand & Your Audience

Are you making videos right now on a consistent basis to generate leads, build your brand and grow your home business? It’s a fact that all top income earners and leaders in the home business, network marketing and affiliate marketing industry make videos. Why? 

Well you are about to find, it’s time that you become a video rockstar 🙂

In this episode you’ll learn:

– Why all top income earners make videos and why you will make exponentially more money when you start making videos.
– Why videos are so effective and you can communicate 90% of the things that you cannot communicate otherwise.
– How to overcome the fear of making videos once and for all.
– What types of content to create in your videos
– How to come up with all the content you want
– Why consistency is key in creating videos
– What is one of the most important things to do in every videos
– How to brand your videos and what you need

Daily Inspirational Show Ep. 104 – Make Videos To Generate Leads, Build Your Brand & Your Audience


I hope that after watching this video I’ve been able to hook you up on starting making videos. I challenge you to start making videos today, it’ll make a huge difference in your business.

If you are making videos or going to make videos at some point, let me know in the comments below…

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