Daegan Smith’s “$10 Million” Traffic and Conversion Secrets Revealed

If you don’t know who Daegan Smith is, he is literally the “godfather” of online lead generation and conversions in the home business industry. He helped create more success stories and multimillionaires than anyone else out there, The BIGGEST names in online marketing routinely look to Daegan for his advice and strategic counsel. Some of his students include David Wood, David Sharpe, Matt Lloyd, Shaqir Hussyin, who became millionaires because of Daegan’s coaching. Daegan spent over 8 years and $10,000,000 pioneering the most “cutting-edge” traffic and conversion strategies. When someone spends $10 Million on traffic it screams volume on the amount of experience, hands on knowledge he has, because it has to be profitable. 

Chances are you’ve never opted into a capture page or sales funnel that wasn’t inspired by Daegan’s exhaustive research. I personally learned a lot from Daegan, I was a member of his maximum leverage inner circle training, and bought many of his courses. There is no aspect of this industry that Daegan has not innovated. Today I’m going to give you a couple of thoughts Daegan shared with me, more on a higher level, to inspire you to think deeper and bigger in terms of traffic and conversions.  

Daegan Smith 

First off, what are the most important areas to focus on online – traffic, conversions and cashflow. 

Everyone wants to know what is the secret source of traffic that will make money and that’s the wrong focus. What you need to be thinking about first and foremost is who is going to be your best prospects? How do you know who they are and where are hang out online? How can you create a uniquely valuable solution for them? What businesses have a lot of these types of prospects on the list and what do they do in common? When you figure this stuff out, then it’s a matter of going to the places where there is traffic, figuring out how to get access to it, see if it works and if it does then keep doing it. 

People usually don’t like to think. In the home business industry people love “Done-For-You” stuff, they want to give them the template and step by step what to do, but that’s a job, not an entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur you need to bring unique value to the marketplace, create your own offers and unique sales funnels. 

Your whole focus online should be to create 1000 people that will love you. Create a tribe, raving fans, people who know, like and trust you and are willing to fly wherever you are and go deep into the ocean with you. Heck, even 200 people who love you can make you a 6-Figure business. 

Regarding traffic you have to test things. Wrong traffic to the wrong offer and you’ll go broke. The right traffic to the right offer and you will get rich. If you don’t make money online, sometimes your traffic source is not good, sometimes your offer is not matched with what people want and it sucks, and most of the times it’s both traffic and offer that sucks. You need to take responsibility on converting the traffic.

When you are promoting a product as an affiliate, you need to figure out what is the GAP between what that product can do and the result that potential client ultimately want. Then you need to give your prospects trainings, tools and solutions that will close this gap as much as possible. It can be a bonus offer, a membership site, whatever it is, that will improve the product experience for the customer and get them faster and better results. 

It’s never about the resources that you have. It’s about your resourcefulness. If you don’t have testimonials now, go and get them. If you don’t know how to do X, go and figure this out.

I terms of traffic, the best kind of traffic is stable, that you have most control over and most access to. For example doing YouTube videos is great but you need to keep in mind that your YouTube account can be shut down at any time. Google Adwords is another classic example, it was a source of great traffic that paid a lot of money to affiliates, but one day Google shut down all the accounts that promoted affiliate offers. Daegan has lost 80% of his traffic and business overnight. SEO is also not stable unless you really know what you are doing, because Google can change rules, algorithms and your rankings will tank. You can do all of this stuff, YouTube, PPC, Facebook PPC, SEO, but keep in mind not to build your whole business on those sources of traffic.

Daegan’s best recommendation is email advertising – SOLO ADS. When you develop relationships with the solo ad vendors,  and you find profitable newsletters to advertise in, you can pretty much count on this source of traffic and you can even automate the source when you pay 6 months in advance. 

Let’s talk about value. What is value? Ultimately it’s when you are solving a problem or creating a perception that you are going to solve a problem and give more value than what you ask for in money. The person who can extract the most value from the traffic wins big.

Take for example Matt Lloyd, he is a student of Daegan Smith and Daegan told him to create more value and charge higher prices for the value, because it’n not about you, it’s about the value that you create. So he went on to create MOBE, My Online Business Empire, and he was working on perfecting a sales funnel meticulously to the point that each customer can bring potentially $56,000 in value and more. He started licensing his business model and sales funnel to other people and now he makes millions of dollars, his company paid millions of dollars to affiliates, because they are very good at turning visitors into cash and solving problems for people. 

Terry Lamb gets a check from Matt Lloyd (right) total $225,813 profits from MOBE

Terry Lamb gets a check from Matt Lloyd (right) total $225,813 profits from MOBE

What you need to have in place to scale is – 1) Front end offer that crushes it. 2) Core irresistible offer 3) Some sort of continuity revenue 4) High ticket offer

In my business I use MLSP as my front end offer and my continuity revenue. People can get started with as little as $10, and then it’s $50 or $150 a month , but the value they are getting worth $20,000. There are all the trainings, lead generation and tools that home business entrepreneur needs in order to succeed online. Training library with hundreds of recorded webinars. It’s just a cool system. For high ticket and continuity as well I use MOBE. At some point I’ll start creating my own products that’s for sure because of the cash flow aspect of it, more control and status. 

So that’s it for today. I hope you got a lot of value from it, and if you have any questions or comments you can reply at the bottom of this page, subscribe to my emails or reach out to me on Facebook and skype. 

– Vitaliy


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