Create Unwavering Belief In YOURSELF That You ARE Successful, Now Is The Time And Step Into Your Bright Future [DIS #293]

What makes a MASSIVE difference in people and how successful their with their home businesses is their level of BELIEF in themselves. Today I want you to raise your level of belief in yourself and what you are can do and step into a powerful, bigger and bright future right now. 
I want you to create an UNWAVERING BELIEF in YOURSELF that you are successful right now and you are going to be even more successful in the future.
If I can say 1 most crucial factor that contributes to your success or failure is this – YOUR LEVEL OF BELIEF IN YOURSELF AND YOUR VISION. 
Because when you AMPLIFY your belief, you start taking massive action, different kind of action and you speak differently and your energy is different. 
The person who get started in his home business or network marketing business and dips his toes into the water and is “trying things out” has a different level of belief than somebody who is taking massive action and showing up for the training and coaching and investing time and money necessary and actually listen to the mentors. it’s AMAZING what you can do if you believe. 
The person who gets in and doesn’t do anything ever  has a different level of belief than a person who gets in and starts sponsoring 5 people a month their very first month. 
Yes it helps if you have the right mentors, the right opportunity, the right community, the right training, the right vehicle. But nothing will help you if you don’t believe in yourself that you can actually do it! 
You can have all the support right in front of your nose and you will miss it. 
You gotta be HUNGRY to succeed. You gotta have belief oozing through your every pore of your body because otherwise you will not be successful. People feel it. If you don’t have the belief, generate the belief right now.
Find the right mentors, listen to inspirational stories to increase your belief.

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When I failed 7 years ago at different home businesses and MLM’s I started I didn’t believe strong enough in myself. I didn’t have a mentor believing in me.
Then 20 months ago I got back into the game because I have had enough working at low paying jobs and being a dead broke student, I was sick and tired living this way. 
Although I didn’t have money as I was in debt and I didn’t have mentors as I am right now and I didn’t have success or experience or knowing what I need to, I was HUNGRY. I had FAITH in myself. 
I didn’t know how I’m going to do it but I knew I will figure out a way. 
No second guessing myself, no plan B’s, I was determined to make it work. 
At first I working long hours and made nothing. I pretty much made no money in my first 6 months of business.
This is the point where many people are quitting and settling and saying to themselves maybe I’m not cut out to do this.
There are grandmas doing it and school teachers and baby boomers and school dropouts doing it.  So I didn’t give up, instead I kept AMPLIFYING and raising my level of belief. 
Imagine what would have happened if I quit? I would never inspire the people I inspired, I would never make my first $100,000 online and I would be miserable applying for a job somewhere.
Do you know what I needed to do to make $100,000 outside? I would need to work 8+ YEARS as a bank teller full time the way I worked to earn this amount of money. And it’s just the beginning. 
I’m going to help 100 people every year to become financially free and step into their future and become free in every sense of this word that’s it, period. I will do it with or without you.
Maybe right now you have your own business and you are happy and hopefully I inspired you to create even greater results in your business.
But maybe you need a mentor that will show you a clear path to freedom. Maybe you are craving for a team of coaches and mentors and being guided and support every step of the way. I’ve been blessed to be part of an alliance of people who made over $3.2 million dollars online. If you want to work a little bit more closely with me and our alliance of six and 7 figure mentors and get the training and coaching you need to break free, you can apply here to get more information. 
Hope I inspired you today to step into a bigger future and believe more in yourself! If you got value feel free to comment below and share with your friends. 







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  • Annalize

    November 27, 2015

    Excellent post Vitaliy! Very inspiring!

  • Steve Krivda

    November 18, 2015

    Great post Vitaliy…inspiring

  • Michelle

    November 18, 2015

    Absolutely so true Vitaliy. It all has to start with self belief and self motivation. We can see and hear what other people are doing but it is entirely up to us to look within, believe and take action. Thanks for sharing.

  • Brian and Felicia White

    November 17, 2015

    Absolutely love hearing your story, your desire, and your passion for making this business work for you due to your belief in yourself and others. You’re absolutely right in saying that there is a huge difference in those who are just testing it out and expecting miracles and those who invest in themselves, their education, and their business…giving it their all, doing whatever it takes for as long as it takes. We have the power and the choice is ours. Thank you for showing others what’s possible when they believe and take action! 🙂

  • Lynda Kenny

    November 17, 2015

    I love the statement “being hungry to succeed”. Being hungry for success and having total belief in ourselves to achieve it is so crucial to everything we do. Your enthusiasm shines through in this post and sends positive vibes to anyone reading it.