Create The Ultimate Marketing System [6-Fig #355]

Let’s talk on today’s 6-Figures Show #355 about creating your ultimate marketing system that works for your business because this is the most important thing to accomplish. 
What is a marketing system? It’s a repeatable process that produces a profit every single time. 
The goal is to create a system that you can repeat again and again that you can build your business on. It’s not about one time creating a successful ad or campaign.. 
Now as an online entrepreneur you will keep testing and tweaking and learning and creating campaigns until you have a system that works but it’s important to have a base that you can work with. 

Because without a marketing system you don’t have a business, you have a  JOB. 

Identify The Market: Who Is Most Likely To Buy?

The reason you may feel crappy sometimes is because you are talking to people who are not interested, people who don’t need and want it..

Why would you bang your head against the wall trying to sell a steak to a vegetarian? 

Stop trying to sell to people who don’t fit your product or service!

When you are trying to be all things to all people then you end up being nothing to no people.
Identify Your Target Market:

1. Demographics: age, sex, geography, income, occupation, education, marital status, race, etc.

2. Psychographics: lifestyle preferences, how people think and make their buying decisions. Music, hobbies, vacation, entertainment, etc.

Your best market will be those that have bought a product similar to your before.

Why? Because they have proven that they are buyers, and you don’t need to spend time, money and energy to prove to them why they should be buyers, but only why they should buy from YOU! 

For example when I refer people to this online marketing system that I use to generate leads, I know my best target market are people who have bought similar marketing systems before. 

Put all of your focus and energy on your primary market, people who are MOST likely to buy and you will know where to find them and how to reach to them. 
Next we will talk about your MESSAGE.
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