How To Create A Successful Sales Funnel In 4 Simple Steps

Would you rather chase after people and talk to a lot of not interested people, or you want to have interested people reach out to you for more information and make sales on autopilot? Well today I’m going to share with you how to create a successful sales funnel that brands you where the basic idea is you generate leads who are showing some interest in what you have to offer, then turn those leads into prospects who are actively interested and those prospects into happy, lifelong customers who buy from you over and over again.  

What Is A Sales Funnel? 

It’s simple a sequence of marketing pieces put together, it’s a process of exposing your prospect to what services you provide and products you are selling in order to educate,  inspire and motivate your prospects to purchase. In the process you are creating a bond and branding yourself online. 
Benefits of a sales funnel 
It’s not that super easy to build a good sales funnel, but once you have built it, it’s like a well oiled machine working for you 24/7 while you are sleeping.funnel
The only thing you need to do is to to pump up traffic to it and it will sift and sort not interested prospects from interested prospects for you if you do it right. 
It can be automated and hands off so that you are focused on talking to the most qualified leads. 
Now don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prospect. Prospecting ABSOLUTELY WORKS!
In fact we started a 2 weeks blitz on our team to sponsor as many people possible with points and accountability from simple Facebook prospecting strategies.  I used prospecting to make tens of thousands of dollars. 
If you don’t have your own success story yet than first of learn how to create one by watching my training here and second do prospecting. 
But your sales funnel will allow you to have people REACH OUT TO YOU, people who are interested and motivated enough and they want to connect with you. 
I’d rather talk all day long with people who are super interested in what I’m doing and who have already been exposed to me. 
Also you can be making sales on autopilot, who doesn’t want that to happen? 🙂 
And you can be branding yourself as the authority and the leader that they are looking to work with. 

How To Create A Successful Sales Funnel In 4 Simple Steps


Basic Sales Funnel Set Up

There are simple and there are complicated sales funnels. 
Here is the basic sales funnel set up that you can use that works. 
Capture Page -> Welcome Page ->  Sales Page -> Follow Up
The most important thing is that you have congruency all the way through the funnel.
If you offer on a capture page training on how to get leads for free on Instagram, then on your welcome page you want to be talking about and referencing how to generate leads on Instagram or at least mention that they are going to get it in the email soon.  Then your sales video is also speaking about that, something that has to do with Instagram, what they have opted in. 
I cannot stress enough the importance of congruency. 
If you are not congruent, you will get murky results. 

Step 1 : Capture Page

It’s the first step in the process of generating a lead. You promise them something of value in exchange for their email address. Something they really want and helps them solves a specific problem. 
Then you can set up a predetermined follow up sequence of emails in your autoresponder to follow up with your leads. 
There is so much I can talk about capture pages, here are a couple of trainings that will help you:

Step 2: Welcome Page

This page reminds them they are in the right place. 
It allows you to frame your offer on the next page, tell your story and create a special bond with your audience. 
Here is more training on welcome pages:

Step 3: Sales Page

What you want to promote?  Decide. 
What is the OFFER? Then work your way backwards. Think what can I give away for FREE for people so they will be interested in what I offer. 
It can be an opportunity video, affiliate product or your own product. 

Step 4: Effective Follow Up 

Effective follow up consists of sending predetermined series of automated emails, a good place to be in is 7-10 emails range, but can be less too, and also email broadcasts. 
Those broadcasts are emails you send live. 
You also can follow with people on skype, on the phone and on Facebook. 
You want to add much more value in your emails than you are directly offering something. Keep it 80% value and 20% pitch of irresistible offer in your email. 
Here is more training on Follow Up:

In Conclusion:

Having a working sales funnel in place is a huge leverage on your time and effort. If you do it right, you can make sales on autopilot or have people reach out to YOU that are qualified prospects. 
I shared with you how to set up the basic sales funnel, you can be using different tools to create it, like ClickFunnels and Leadpages but I like the simple and cost effective funnel creating tool called “Funnelizer” that MLSP provides.  
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