How To Convert Leads Into Sales Using Facebook

You know as we were talking on the hangout with our prosperity alliance last night, this business can be very simple, you need to master 3 things:  

1. Grow – You must grow as a person, as a leader, become the type of person you need to become to accomplish your goals and dreams. Change yourself from the inside, your beliefs, self-image, self-confidence and the world around you change. 

2. Get Leads – that’s just people looking at your stuff. 

3. Make Sales – self explanatory

Simple right? By the way the hangouts were from 2am to 5am my time in Israel so if I look tired it’s because I haven’t been sleeping much at all. I’ve been training and supporting my team at 3am in the morning and celebrating making $22K in the last 2 months and sponsoring 78 people into my business.

 How To Convert Leads Into Sales Using Facebook


Treat Facebook As A Business – Everything You Post Counts

If you want to succeed in this business, you need to stop playing games. Literally some people play Candy Crush or whatever right.

Everything you do on Facebook counts. Everything you post on your personal page and your fan page counts. People are watching you.  

If they will see that you are not serious, that you are posting negativity… they will never be attracted to you. 

Share value on Facebook, you gotta be in front of them every day. 

Define your core message, what you believe in, your values, your vision, what you stand for and share that.

What is value? Something that is worthy or comment, like and share. 

Post inspiration, stories, lifestyle, your hobbies. 

Create curiosity in their mind. Post social proof. Post how your team members succeed. 

Create something engaging. Ask people questions, to comments, to participate in the conversation.  

Consistency is key, always remember that. 

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How To Build Engagement And Create Real Connections With People On Facebook

Create A Funnel

What is a funnel? It’s a series of marketing pieces coming one after another. 

Have a capture page where you provide unique training or have a unique hook that will be appealing to your target audience. 

Then have a bridge video where you share your story, your results and help people to bond with you emotionally. 

Share something cool with them, before they see any kind of sales presentation. The more they like you and see you as an authority, before they see the sales video, the more likely they will buy. 

Run a Facebok ad to your story. Share what made you decide that this is a turning point for you, that enough is enough, you decided to make a change and start a home business. That’s what people connect to… 

Run a Facebook Ad Like Campaign And Reach Out To Your Fans

This Facebook ad likes campaign will keep putting your fan page in front of targeted audience. People who liked your page, send them a friend request, reach out and start a conversation.

Without having any agenda to sell something, you want to build the relationships and see if this is the potential prospect for you.

Talk to them normally like you would with normal people.  

Learn about their life. Dig deep. Understand them. Become empathetic. Ask questions. 

See you don’t need anybody. You run a successful business. People need you. You have the solution to their problem. If you don’t, reach out to me and we will talk 🙂

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