WHY You Should Continue Taking Massive Action Every Day To Achieve Your Dreams Even If Things Aren’t Working Out Right Now

Maybe you are working on your dream of building a 6-Figure business from home part time because you have a full time job, or maybe you are doing it full time and you are taking action and trying different thing, but it’s sooo frustrating because you are not getting the result that you want and you are not making the kind of money you want to make. 

So you may saying to yourself “My God…when it’s going to end…when I’m going to see the light at the end of the tunnel…when I’m going to see a breakthrough in my business?”

In this moment, when you have a temptation to quit, I say to you, KEEP MOVING FORWARD NO MATTER FREAKING WHAT!

I don’t know if you know my story, I don’t have an outrageous and dramatic story…

I failed in a couple of network marketing companies seven years ago. Then I took a break for 4 years because my daughter was born, I started a family and needed a way to make money. I also went to the university to study Finance and Management for 4 years. 

Well at the end of the studied I decided to come back and started an online business in March 2014, having nothing, no money, no experience, no previous success, no mentor. I was just fed up with working at low paying and soul crushing jobs, things had to change.

Well guess what, the first 7 months in my business I barely made any money at all. I made like 2 sales maybe…

And I spent 12 hour days in front of the computer for months, buying courses, hiring mentors, taking massive action, doing the thing, and I was racking my credit card and bank debt, spending money I didn’t had…

A lot of people look at this and say it’s such a waste of time and money. You could have finished a degree, and got a job Vitaliy…

Well I can tell you right now that this was the best money anybody ever could have got me to spend in my life! In this time I’ve got the best set of learnings that I’ve ever gotten from anywhere and I would have paid ten times I paid to get it. the knowledge, experience and lessons I learned are priceless.

That’s why I have no issues with people buying something and not getting an immediate result, not at all, because I didn’t get an immediate result and it was the best money I ever spent.
I decided that I’m going to stick with it, I decided to stay in the game, I decided I’m going to win no matter what, that I’m here to win.

Thanks God I did, cause last month I crossed $18K in commissions, and a good portion of it is residual income. 


There Is No Failure Only Feedback

If you’re going towards an outcome and you are not getting the result you want, there is no failure! You just learn things that are useful along the way.

If you learn to look at life that way it becomes more beautiful and much less frustrating on the journey. 

If every time you don’t accomplish something and you fail you’re like, “Oh, I’m not worth it,” then of course you’ll go through life and you’ll feel bad. If you look at the lives of most people who
end up producing amazing things you’ll notice that they don’t get results most of the time.

It’s not an overnight success story. People “fail” for years, but are they really? No, because it’s the process by which LIFE SHAPES YOU. 

The universe is the best tutor in the world. There are series of lessons and experiences that you have to have in order to get the breakthrough you are seeking to get. 

Some people take it in the other direction…

They get started in a business and things don’t go their way and they say, “Oh, God is giving me a sign, I think I shouldn’t do it.” Perhaps they go to a Christian church and they’re now saying that God is giving them a sign about this, they shouldn’t take this path because now there is an obstacle in their way and obviously everything that God wants ‘me’ to do is a free and clear path and I’ll be going 90 miles an hour in a Ferrari that never runs out of gas and never needs to stop for repairs.”

It’s rubbish. Your path will never be clear like that, nothing will be perfect, you will have detours, setbacks, it’s going to be a wild journey. 

Let me just remind you of the story of Moses that took the Jewish people from Egypt to the promise land. Did it take him a couple weeks? No, it took him 40 freaking years of being in the desert to get there finally…

Don’t think that because obstacles stand in your way that you’re not going to be able to accomplish something amazing like Thomas Edison, he went through 5 or 10 thousand renditions of the light bulb before he finally got one to turn on.

You never fail, you only get feedback and information showing you how to reach your goals, by showing you what to adjust and showing you what’s not working.
All you have to do is pay attention and ask the questions:

1. What am I going to learn from this that’s going to make me reach my goals faster?
2.What can I change from this experience, how can I adjust my actions based on the results that I am getting?

That’s it, period. When you have this approach, you are going to win. 

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  • Vitaliy Dubinin

    September 2, 2015

    Hey Lynda that’s great! Thank you for that!

  • Gerry Morand

    September 2, 2015

    Thanks for the inspiration. Many people don’t have the perseverance to stick things out long enough to reap the rewards. Congratulations on having the stamina to succeed.

    • Vitaliy Dubinin

      September 2, 2015

      Hey Gerry absolutely you are right. Perseverance is everything.

  • Brian and Felicia White

    September 2, 2015

    Your story is incredible Vitaliy! Consistency is key and delivering value is a must which you’re doing both so we can see why you’re getting the results you’re getting. Huge Congrats and much more success to come! Thank you for sharing where you were and what you’ve done to get where you are now so others can see what’s possible when they take action and have the right mindset. So cool! Rock On! 🙂

    • Vitaliy Dubinin

      September 2, 2015

      Hey Felicia thank you for that, I appreciate it!

  • Ron Deering

    September 2, 2015

    I love that there is no failure only feedback… what a great quote and what a great story Vitaliy… thanks for shaing such great value

  • Caleb Wright

    September 2, 2015

    It’s all about motivation and dedication my friend, you hit the nail on the head. Not everyday will be your best, but if you stay consistent with taking action, you will power through the slow times and produce amazing results just a little bit down the road. The key is to stay consistent with taking action!

    • Vitaliy Dubinin

      September 2, 2015

      YES Caleb absolutely, being consistent at taking action is key.

  • Lynda Kenny

    September 1, 2015

    I am leaving another comment Vitaliy as I am not sure the first one got delivered. This post today is awesome and will encourage anyone to believe they can achieve their dreams, especially if they don’t quit. thanks for another inspiring post.