Constantly Invest In Yourself And Take Massive Action On What You Learn

Today I’m going to share with you one of the most things to shorten your learning curve and ensure your long term success online. 

You will learn why investing in YOU is the best thing you can do for yourself and why you should view internet marketing as a career.

Investing the time and money into yourself is how you are going to climb the ladder of success. You will learn something and then apply it in your business, you will deepen your knowledge and understanding and then take massive action and put in into practice and gain experience. 

Decide to learn from the experts

So if there is an expert on the topic who took the time and energy and money to learn and test a skill and then put it together to train you how to get the results you want and avoid the pitfalls and the mistakes that will cause you to lose time and money…

…wouldn’t it make sense to shorten your learning curve and buy the training or the course? 

Instead of spending countless hours trying to figure out how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together just watching free YouTube videos or reading free blog posts, you will be way ahead of yourself if you actually buy the course from the expert, invest the time necessary to go through the course and take action. 

I constantly invest in myself to upgrade my knowledge and skills, just in the last 6 months alone I invested over $15,000 in training and courses. Because I want to be on the cutting edge of what’s working, and to improve my online game. 

There is not a day goes buy that I don’t put 2-4 hours of great information to my mind, learning internet marketing, leadership, personal growth, copywriting, lead generation etc. 

View Internet Marketing As A Career

For me Internet Marketing is a career. I believe that successful Internet Marketers are probably the most consuming information junkies, because there is always more to learn about marketing and succeeding online and going to the next level. 

Like applying to a high-tech job, you should have spent 4 years in college and took additional course, internet Marketing is not different. It’s a journey and you will learn a lot of things along the way. 

Warning: This video might give you inspiration and motivation to take massive action and get results 🙂

Take Massive Action On Your Knowledge

Knowledge is only potential power, it’s nothing if it’s not put into use.

Ultimately you should take action, that’s the only thing that will bring your the results you want.

Constantly Invest In Yourself And Take Massive Action On What You Learn – DIS #128

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  • Dr. Lisa Thompson

    March 31, 2015

    This post is SO spot on Vitaliy

    My whole business shifted when I treated my business like a business instead of a hobby – now I am getting paid like a business!

    Mentors are also very important as well. They will show you where you need to grow and give you the encouragement you need. The key though is you have to take action every day and your mentors will pour more into you 🙂

    Dr. Lisa

  • Joan Harrington

    March 31, 2015

    Hi Vitaliy,

    Fantastic post and awesome value 🙂 Without action, knowledge means nada lol Great share 🙂

  • Dereco Cherry

    March 30, 2015

    Awesome post about investing in yourself. Your time is way more important than money and people seem to forget that sometimes. I would much rather invest in myself and shorten my learning curve. Which in turn will help you get the results you want that much faster. Great read here Vitaliy!