One Of The Biggest Things Causes People To Fail In Their Home Business Online

On today’s 6-Figures Show #366 I’ll share with you one of the biggest things that cause people to fail in building their home business on the Internet.

It’s failure to commit and to persist in doing your art, doing your daily routines and business building activities, like creating videos, blog posts, setting up ads, writing emails, connecting with prospects and leads, whatever the case may be for you.

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It’s one thing to get started and totally different thing to keep going.  

Nobody is going to give you permission to start your YouTube show, and say ok, now you can start shooting videos, or now you can blog about stuff. The time is now and it starts with your first video or blog post. 

People have unrealistic expectations that they will put their first blog together and immediately thousands of people are going to see it, or their first video thousands of people are going to watch it. 

You need to be OK with being not good at first. I was willing to be ok sucking at it. 

Then one day you will do a video and there are going to be thousands of people watching it, if you are going to be consistent.

 People quit right before they have a breakthrough.. 

Don’t worry about rejection, about being perfect, about not being accepted or people don’t liking your stuff. 

As long as you are being true to yourself, you express your truth, and you are doing it with integrity and you are adding value, don’t worry about anything. 

Connect to you INSPIRING people. Connect to you contributing and making a difference in people’s lives! 

Your desire to create and contribute and inspire people should be way bigger then feeling of needing to being accepted..

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