Choose To Be Rich & Successful [6-Fig #388]

Choose to be successful and rich. That’s your choice. Get out of your comfort zone and do whatever it freaking takes to succeed. A couple days ago I had a $14K commissions day in a single day. Was I lucky? No. Yesterday I spoke to a guy who is a top 20 affiliates in the world with over 2,500,000 fans on Facebook and 300,000 followers on Instagram and joined MY TEAM. Was I lucky? No. Well maybe a little but I worked hard to manifest all of this. 

You see so many people have the desire to be rich and successful but they are not following through. They are giving up after a couple months. They are listening to their friends and family who are broke and derail them from success. 

The only people that I suggest you listen to is your MENTORS, your competitive friends and YOURSELF.

Stop listening to people who are not wealthy and not successful. Your mentors are people who have proven track record and have results in what you want to achieve. Your competitive friends are those are marching alongside with you and have the same drive, results and desire as you do. 

Choose To Be Rich & Successful [6-Fig #388]

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People choose to fail.  Nobody is forcing them to give up. 

It’s like only 4% of people who want to lose significant amount of weight succeed every year. 96% fail according to statistics. 

Why it’s so hard to eat less junk food, less calories and exercise more? 

Becoming successful is harder then that. 

But no one cop is stopping by your car and forcing you to eat donuts! 

Don’t be part of the statistics. 

People will tell you it’s too risky, it’s too hard. It’s more safe to have a job. They will try to lol you into mediocre and comfortable life. 

You’ll have million different reasons not to be succesful. Million different excuses. 

But when you make a true decision that you are going to be wealthy no matter what, that you’ll never give up, you will overcome all the challenges. 

Abundance is your birthright. 

You won the race of millions of sperms. You are special, you are a winner. You are here on this earth, you exist and it’s a miracle. You are a fighter.

Life gives you all the options. It’s limitless possibilities.

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