The Key To Speaking On Stage & Making 6-Figure Income Online

Do you want to be that guy or girl on stage fired up and inspiring thousands of people with your story of victory? Do you want to build a rock solid 6-figure business online working from home or while traveling like you see other leaders do? In today’s 6-Figures Show #377 I’m going to share with you how. 

First of all you gotta be absolutely clear that this is exactly what you want. Do you have a VISION that this is the type of person you want to be?

Then you need to MASTER your craft, be a master of this game of Internet marketing and building your home business online. Learn the skills! One of the best ways to do it is through studying this system.  

And you need to be persistent and consistent like hell. But here are the keys to all of this:

I’ve been blessed to speak on stage 3 times now and this is the key to that: 

You gotta BRAND YOURSELF online. You gotta accept that YOU are the brand and get yourself out there in front of people! 

I know it’s not going to be comfortable and easy.. 

I know it’s easier to just stay behind the scenes, hide behind the computer and your affiliate links.. 


Probably NOT. 

When you are showing up consistently. 

When you create great content and provide massive value in the marketplace consistently…

People start to NOTICE and pay attention. 

They will check you out. They will see you all over the Internet. They will see you pop up all the time. 

You will be the guy that they see all the time. You will become a mini celebrity online. 

You gotta let yourself shine and show the world who you are! 

This coming Sunday I’ll be doing a webinar with Mark Harbert about how to generate leads and become an authority doing videos.

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Start branding YOU and everything will change for you! Of course if you also learn the marketing skills 🙂 

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