The Blueprint To Generate 15+ Free Leads A Day And Sponsor 100+ New Team Members In 100 Days Using Free Marketing Strategies [DIS #330]

On today’s Daily Inspirational Show #330 I’ll share with you the blueprint that you can use to generate 10-15+ free quality leads a day and how you can sponsor 100+ NEW team members in 100 days using totally free marketing strategies, no matter what system or business opportunity you are promoting.  

Now you may be thinking right now that it’s impossible to sign up a person a day or it’s super hard and it is IF you don’t know what you are doing and you don’t have a clear blueprint to follow. 

But I can assure you that it’s totally POSSIBLE for you my friend and you can do this. How do I know? Because I’ve personally done that and I’m just a regular guy, I figured out some simple things that works and I made hundreds of thousands of dollars using this very simple blueprint. 

The Blueprint To Generate 15+ Free Leads A Day And Sponsor 100+ New Team Members In 100 Days

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So what is the BLUEPRINT? 

Brand Yourself Online With Your Blog And On Social Media 

So you gotta ask yourself what makes you different from all the other marketers out there? You need to create an ONLINE PRESENCE. 

Your brand online starts with your own blog, which is your home online. Without it you are homeless.  This is a place where you will share valuable content, position yourself online, and you’ll keep inviting people over to enter your world, read your story and work closely with you. 

If you want to leverage the Internet to sponsor people into your business, then having your own blog is a must, because without your own branded blog it’ll be so much harder to sponsor people and build a following online. 

Also on each and every social media platform that you use like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, you want to brand yourself, have professional photos done, have a branding message and share with people what you are all about. 

If you don’t have a good looking blog right now it’s so simple to set one up today, read this:  How You Can Quickly And Easily Set Up A Professional Blog That Will Brand YOU And Drive Unlimited Amount Of Leads & Sales

Consistently Create And Promote Value On Social Media And Your Blog 

I’ve created over 500 training videos at this point, do you think it helped me a little bit with sponsoring 100 people in 100 days? Absolutely, I’ve been consistently creating valuable content and promoting it on social media and in every place possible. 

You can create videos, blog posts, status updates, images etc. It needs to be strategic though, it’s designed to educate your target audience and generate goodwill, build Know-Like-Trust factor, grow your audience, generate LEADS, and increase your influence.

If you haven’t been doing it, here is some training for you:

How To Become A Prolific Content Creator

How Many Times Do You Need To Create Content On Your Blog On A Weekly Basis?

The Blueprint To Sponsor 100 People In 100 Days

So let me walk you through just a little bit over the blueprint I shared in the video above. You have all of the social media platforms right and you need to direct all of this traffic to 2 places – your blog and your lead magnet. 

What is a lead magnet? 

Lead Magnet is a free giveaway, video, PDF report, training, something of high perceived value that you are giving away to your prospects on your lead capture page to incentivize potential buyers to give you their name, email and sometimes phone number so you can follow up with them.

The best lead magnet is the one that YOU create because you put your brand first and you are sharing the results with people and positioning yourself properly online. 

Your lead magnet should be something that your target market definitely want and something they can get results with. 

If you are just starting out online you can definitely use done for you lead magnets and capture pages so you can start sharing value and generate leads right away. Click Here to learn how you can get access to 40+ lead magnets that are done for you so can generate leads right away

So after the lead magnet they will be taken to your bridge page where you will share about yourself a little bit and the results you have gotten and then preframe them to what’s going to happen on the next page. 

If you want an example of a bridge page that has been working for me pretty well click here

Also email follow up starts where you are going to build relationships with your new email subscribers and direct them to your blog posts, your videos, bridge pages, and sales pages. This is how you are going to create goodwill and engage your subscribers and then offer them something that you are personally using and have been working for you. 

Also if you do it right, you will have people who will reach out to you on Facebook and you can call them and talk to those people and build a relationships and direct them back to your lead magnets and bridge videos. 

There is an art to how to connect with people and sponsor people into your business. 

There is no way I would do all I have been blessed to accomplish if I didn’t learn the skills of how to sponsor people directly into my business. 

So it’s a skill that you can learn and I’ll share with you when you get my totally free gift – click here to learn how to generate 15+ free leads a day and sponsor 100+ new team members in 100 days using 100% FREE Facebook Strategy.  

Also you will learn my daily method of operation you can model right away and I’ll walk you through in detail on how this blueprint works! 

Hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to leave me a comment and share with your friends!








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    Great tips and strategies Vitaliy! I’ve been leveraging social media for many years but also have learned how leading with value is key. I love how you training Vitaliy and you continue to give great ideas that anyone can implement right away to getting more leads and sales. Thanks for sharing!

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