How To Be A Better Leader, Recruit More People And Have More Time Freedom

Do you find yourself spending too much time with the new people that you bring to your team and have no time freedom? In today’s 6-Figures Show #376 I’ll share with you how to be a better leader, how to be more productive and how to free up a LOT of your time. 

You see a lot of people starting their business from home on the Internet haven’t yet realized that they need to step up and be a leader. What do leaders do? Leaders produce results and lead by example. 

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A lot of times what happens is they start to recruit new people and all excited and then spend 8 hours on the phone helping people step by step by step, holding their hands and trying to almost build a business for them. 

Well there are a lot of issues with that. Your new person will think Geez.. would I have to spend 8 hours on the phone with my new people like this too? I don’t have time for that.. 

You did’t start your home business and freedom lifestyle business to be on the phone all day long didn’t you? 

You would rather hang on the beach, be with your family and travel and let the system do the work for you right? 

Second if you do that you will stop producing. You will not have time to record videos, recruit new people, do marketing and income producing activities. 

So you will not be the example leader for your people! 

Does it make sense? 

So what do you do when you recruit a new person? You should have a SYSTEM in place that will work them through exactly step by step what they need to do.

Like the system I’m using have coaches working with people one-on-one personally and walking them through the steps.  This system works like magic. It’s very hands off. I don’t need to be on the phone.

So when a new person on your team asks a question what should you do? 

Instead of spending on the phone personally all the time, you should do the counter intuitive thing. 

Point them to training, systems, tools, coaches, outside resources! That’s the most effective thing you can do! 

Then you LEVERAGE your time, you record a video answering the question and put it on the team site, or leverage third party videos provided for you. 

And your new team member can do this too! 

If you have a leader on your team then you can spend more time with them. Be very careful how you spend your time. 

It doesn’t mean you should ignore your team.. 

But help them in a leveraged way, got it? 🙂 

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