How To Attract The RIGHT People To Your Email List That Actually Will Buy From You

To build a 6-figure online business you need to have an email list of the right people that will engage with you and more importantly buy from you over and over again. Today I’ll share with you the critical distinctions on how to ATTRACT those people and it doesn’t mean you need to have a huge email list. I have a relatively small list of over 2,100 people but nevertheless I’m making $300 up to $5,200 every single day. We are not in a list getting business, we are in the business of making sales. 


The fact is that not all subscribers has been created equal. If you have 100,000 people on your email list, they are not the exact same make up. It all depends on the SOURCE of HOW did you get those people on your email list. What media you used, what advertising source and what capture page you used etc. 
Here is what’s important to realize – the money is not in the list. The money is in the relationships that you have with your list. 
The relationship is created by the VALUE that you provide to your list. 
Some subscribers won’t buy no matter what you do, and some are ready to buy right now. 
So you need to identify the characteristics of those who are likely to buy and also of those who are NOT likely to buy. 
When I say RELATIONSHIPS that you have with your list, is the amount of TRUST that people feel towards you, whether to not they see you as the AUTHORITY in your niche, that you are credible source, how much GOOD WILL you have with the people on your list. 

Be Magnetic To Buyers And Repulsive To Non Buyers. 

This is a key concept I learned from Frank Kern, the GURU of building a business online. You want to ATTRACT the RIGHT kind of people to your email list, people who will BUY from you, and repel people who will not buy from you. 
How do you do that? 
We attract people into our funnels because they are looking for solutions, they are looking to get results. 
You need to offer them cool stuff, something that will get them RESULT and fulfill a desire. 
Here is the key distinction – people have surface desires like they want to make more sales, make more money, have more traffic, more leads, build a bigger list etc. 
But underneath all of this they have an emotional core desire that drives them. 
My people are saying – IF ONLY I COULD QUIT MY JOB THAT SUCK…
People want to quit their jobs that suck, and stop doing what sucks. They want to travel the world with their laptop, make money while they sleep and have the freedom to buy what they want, have time freedom. 
So you need to STAND for FREEDOM. Your people need to ASSOCIATE you with it. 
That’s why our VISION in our PIPELINE PROSPERITY ALLIANCE is to FREE 100 families a year. To Empower People to FREEDOM. I keep repeating the word freedom again and again in my marketing.
You need to stand for something that is magnetic to your buyers and you need to stand against something that is repulsive to non-buyers.

Polarization is so key.  

I personally want to ATTRACT people who like FREEDOM and REPEL people who love corporate jobs, any jobs for this matter. 

I want to ATTRACT people who understand they need to be LEADERS  and actually provide VALUE and REPEL people who want to make money without doing a thing. 

I want to ATTRACT people who value HARD WORK and I want to REPEL people who are constantly blaming other people, playing the victim and doing nothing. 

I want to ATTRACT people who has LONG TERM MINDSET and are TEAM PLAYERS and willing to GROW and I want to REPEL people who have SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME, people who are looking for a magic button to push and make money. 

You know people who think they can buy a system, do nothing and make money and when it doesn’t happen of course blame the system. 

Tomorrow I’ll talk about lead magnets and how to create them and attract the right people in your list. 

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  • Mike Marko

    January 18, 2016

    Nice content Vitaliy, I totally agree on your concept and perception on how to attract good potential buyers. Thanks for sharing!

  • Miki

    January 15, 2016

    Wow, AWESOME post Vitaliy Dubinin! I do want to attract all those you mentioned and repel all those you mentioned! LOL, seriously, the biggest one is to say no to those who are just needy without putting any effort of their own and blame when things don’t go their way….(no, I’m not talking about my kids! LOL )

  • Joan Harrington

    January 15, 2016

    Love this Vitaliy! Always looking to improve my email marketing! Thanks for the valuable tips!

  • Chris Shouse

    January 14, 2016

    Excellent post-Vitaly. Loved the video too and your humor. I know I need to attract people who really want to be on my list!

  • Peter Reginald

    January 13, 2016

    “If only I could do/be …”

    Vitaliy thank you so much for your video. My take away is the piece about filling that gap in my clients.

    I like your style of presenting in front of the camera. How long have you been doing this? You come across so clear and moving.