How To Attract More Abundance Into Your Life

You deserve to be wealthy, to be abundant, you deserve to live a life of freedom, this is your birthright. In today’s 6-Figures show #397 you will learn how to attract more abundance into your life. 

Being rich is your choice so is being poor. 

You are where you are financially and all the other aspects of your life by the choices that you have been making up to this point. Owning that fact allows you to make new choices in your life.

When I didn’t believe I deserve wealth and I made poor choices I was broke. When I changed myself internally I started making over $50,000 a month on the Internet. How did that happen?  

Money is energy and you are energy too. You can attract all the money, abundance and wealth flowing to you, when you are in a certain state of being.

That state of being is wealth and abundance. 

When you eliminate all the lack and limitation out of your thoughts and your beliefs and embrace a state of abundance, magical things will start to happen to you.

6-Figures Show #397: How To Attract More Abundance Into Your Life

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Here is a beautiful belief that I adopted from Bob Proctor and I suggest you too:

“I’m so happy and grateful now that money comes to me easily and effortlessly in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis”

Now this became TRUE in my life. My income grows daily and I have multiple streams of income flowing in. 

Here is an exercise for you: 

Go to a luxury car dealership like Lexus, Mazerati, Ferrari or any of your dream car that you can’t afford right now. Walk to the place as if you own it. Dress sharp.

 Ask to sit inside the car and maybe even do a test drive. Feel it. Smell it. Activate the senses. Talk to the car. Say one day you will be mine. 

When you go through life and say I can’t buy this, can’t take this luxury vacation, can’t buy this car, I can’t afford it.. It will never happen to you.  

See the beauty of life, know it’s yours and it’s coming. 

Making money is controlled by beliefs and our paradigms about making money.

When it comes to money we habitually act according to the beliefs we have around money. 
How long will it take to earn a million dollars? This is where your beliefs will start to pop up. 
Some people will say it will take years and years, or never happen. 
Others will say give me a year I’ll make it happen. 
For example one woman can say – I’m too old, tired, exhausted to make a million dollars.. 
Does this belief serve you? 
Look at your results and your bank account to find out.. 
Where did you get the belief from? 
90% of all you believe to be true you took on between ages of 0 – 9. 
So it’s about time that you take ownership of your beliefs and change the beliefs that are not serving you. 
Hope it makes sense!

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