The 8 Forms Of Wealth – How Can You Live A Rich, Free And Prosperous Life With No Regrets?

How should you live your life that by the time it’s over you could proudly say I lived a RICH life with no regrets? Living a RICH and WEALTHY life is not just about the monetary wealth, your net worth, power, title and fame. I learned from world renowned speaker Robin Sharma that there are actually 8 forms of wealth!

As you are pursuing your dreams and FREEDOM, as you are building a multiple 6-figure online business it’s important that you live a WEALTHY life in all of its aspects. 

Apart from the worldly income in your bank account, we also have INTERNAL income. How about the SELF WORTH that we feel every day? How about being PROUD of our CRAFT. How about being FULFILLED and HAPPY? How about feeling CONFIDENT? 

I believe that the real value of building a very successful multiple 6-figure business from your home and being a FREEDOM-PRENEUR working from your laptop and building a big TEAM, is everything that you need to BECOME in order to build it! 

You will build your CHARACTER, your tenacity and grit on the wise to the world class level. You’ll be super focused. You will be disciplined. You will massively contribute to the world. 

Form Of Wealth #1 – Inner Wealth 

How do you feel about yourself when you wake up every morning?  How do you feel about yourself when you are alone? Do you have integrity in your actions? How strong your character is? 

When we feel inside that we are on a MISSION, that we have a purpose in life and we are on track to achieve it, when you are FIRED UP in the morning to start your day because what you do MATTERS. 

My mission is to help regular people that have regular jobs to become FREE. My mission is to help people DREAM AGAIN and realize their dreams. My mission is help people leverage the power of the Internet to LIVE a life of FREEDOM, to live life on their terms. To help people travel around the world and experience life to the fullest.

My mission is to help parents spend more time with their kids and see how they grow. My mission is to help regular people become extraordinary entrepreneurs and LEADERS.

That’s why our team is called Pipeline Prosperity Alliance and we are freedom-preneurs that have a vision to free 100 families a year

Form Of Wealth #2 – Health

What all the riches in the world are worth if you are not healthy? 

When we are young we would sacrifice all of our health for wealth, when we are old and figure out what our life is all about, we would sacrifice all of our wealth for 1 day of good health…

When you lose your health you will spend the rest of your days trying to get it back. You can go and delude yourself by focusing all of your time on growing your business, but if you sacrifice your sanity and health in the process is it worth it really? 

You want to be young, healthy, full of energy AND rich. 

Please don’t neglect your health. 

I can look at your schedule and see whether or not you value your health. Do you have exercise and workouts scheduled in your calendar? 

Are you working with a personal trainer? 

When you wake up are you ON FIRE? Do you have LOTS OF ENERGY throughout the day? 

That’s why tomorrow I’ll be flying to attend High Performance Academy seminar by Brendon Burchard, it’s all about how to have sustained levels of high energy.

One of the things that I suggest you do is GET ENOUGH SLEEP, and be EARLY TO RISE.

Our worst choices happen between 10pm and midnight. We are exhausted. We eat junk food. We do entertainment.

What if you went to bed by 10pm and you woke up at 5am? Welcome to the 5am club! Don’t be sleep deprived. The #1 way we destroy our productivity is lack of sleep.

Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise! I’m telling you, when you start waking up early, you will get so much more things DONE and you will feel much better!0

Form Of Wealth #3 – Family

On your way to riches have you neglected and lose connection with your family and your loved ones? 
As much as we love our work, it’s important that we don’t forget to be a great son, a great parent, a great lover and husband or girlfriend and wife. 
Some people lose their parents and they never took the time to get to know their parents and said how much they loved them. 

Do you think on a great obituary of a person who lived their life well there will be a saying: “He died peacefully surrounded by his lawyer, stock broker and his golf partner” 


What you will see is “She died peacefully after an awesome life, well lived, surrounded by team mates who respected her, and neighbors who appreciated her, and family that adored her”

If that’s most important at the end, why not make it important now. 

Schedule time with your family, schedule time with your loved ones. Go an a date. Spend time with your kids. Spend time with your parents.

Form Of Wealth #4 – Craft

What is the work that you are doing? Are you taking pride of your craft? Are you celebrating the value that you put in the marketplace? 
Doing something that you love to do is a great form of wealth! 
I absolutely love to inspire people to live a life of freedom. I love to stay at my home and work in my slippers.
I love to shoot my 6-Figures Builders Show videos and to write blog posts. I love to connect with people and build people up. I love to empower people to be who they want to be! 
I love to create training for people and show them different aspects of Internet marketing and how people can create lots of leverage. I love educating people on how they can build passive income streams and no longer being paid by the hour. 
I’m adding my unique voice into the world. I love to go to live events and seminars and continue to grow. I love to meet new people and make new friends. Are you enjoying what you are doing? 

Form Of Wealth #5 – Money

Yes, finally we are talking about money. Money is important part of wealth and abundance obviously. Money allows you to enjoy life much better and have the freedom and choices in life. 
Would you rather fly regular class or first class? Would you rather have a cheap watch or a piece of art on your wrist? Would you rather wear old clothes or fashionable clothes? 
Do you want to travel around the world, visit places and take vacations to exotic places? 
Do you want to learn how to fly a helicopter? Do you want to go to a seminar by Tony Robbins, or T. Harv Eker or Brendon Burchard or any other personal development guru? 

Do you want to drive an old beat up car or a brand new model? 

Do you want to live in a mansion near the sea or in an small apartment? 

Do you want to drink cheap wine or expensive wine? 

Do you want to have the latest technology? Do you want to travel to space? Do you want to take your kids to Disney-world? 

Do you want to be in a luxurious hotel? You tell me. What do you want? 

Money gives you FREEDOM, a better quality of life, don’t apologize for it. 

I’ve been blessed to not have a job in 2 years now. I work from my home or when I travel I take my laptop with me and I’m making more than what doctors make, how awesome it is to live a FREEDOM-PRENEUR lifestyle! 

Form Of Wealth #6 – Your Network

You know that your income is the median income of who you spend time with right?
Who you surround yourself with affect you so much. When you have rich, prosperous, abundant friends then you are rich as well!
Who are your friends? Who are you hanging out with? Who is in your circle of genius?
I’m blessed to have so many friends around the world! Some of my friends are making over $50,000 a month! Some of my friends are millionaires!
Now it’s just a matter of time until I become a millionaire. I’ll keep surrounding myself with smart people!
If you are the most successful person in your street, move to a new street. If you make the most money from your friends, make new friends! 
Hang out with victims, and don’t be surprised you feel like a victim. You pick up the emotions of who you hang out with. 
Hang out with scarcity people you will start feeling scarcity. 

If your team are a bunch of victims, you will become a victim too. 

The attitude, energy and emotions of the people around you is contagious! 

Form Of Wealth #7 – Adventures

Do you feel that your life is an adventure? 

Do you experience awesome new experiences? 

Are you creating lots of perfect memories with your family? 

The richness and wealth of life comes from those MOMENTS that you create. Be a perfect moment creator. 

Rent a sale boat for your family. 

Invite somebody famous to eat with you during the meal and allow your kids to ask questions. 

Take a trip to Italy with your family. 

Go to a ski resort. Swim with the dolphins. Take a ride on the Elephant in Thailand. Do a deep body massage. Conquer a new sport or a hobby. 

Create more adventures in your life! 

Every 8 weeks take 1 week off, that’s it. At least every 2 months I take 1 week completely off and I don’t work I focus on personal growth, I go to a vacation or take a seminar abroad. 

3 weeks ago I was in Miami attending a mastermind in a $30,000,000 mansion with a lot of millionaires. This month I’m already flying to San Diego to attend another seminar High Performance Academy with my friends. 

In March I’ll be take 1 week off with my family. In April I’m flying to London to attend Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within Seminar” and later this month I’ll be attending “Unleash event” in Nashville Tennessee with other 2,000 people and maybe later this month in April I’ll be attending Experts Academy with Brendon Burchard! 

Life is all about living it! 

Form Of Wealth #8 – Contribution

What fires me up the most is serving other people.

The question that I ask myself every day is “How may I serve the most people?”, “How can I be the most of value to the world?”

I want to leave a legacy behind me. I want to massively contribute to other people’s lives. I want to raise the consciousness of people. 
All of those videos, blog posts, articles, trainings, emails you write, all of that is part of your contribution to the world. 

When you were born you cried while the world rejoiced, live your life in such a way so that when you die the world will cry while you rejoice

To live is to contribute value. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to leave me a comment and share with your friends!








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  • Chris Shouse

    February 23, 2016

    Great content Vitaliy. You are right money is only a small part of being successful. If it is not well rounded with all of the components it will never quite reach the potential it could.

  • Gomer Magtibay

    February 22, 2016

    #8 is also “Leaving A Legacy”. That’s what Stephen Covey talked about in his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. What we want the world to remember about us.

  • Dr. Lisa Thompson

    February 22, 2016

    Great post Vitaliy!

    For me I’m realizing how important health is to lead a truly prosperous lifestyle

    Dr. Lisa

  • Carol Makowski

    February 22, 2016

    You discuss such essential aspects of wealth in this blog. While all are important, for me, adventure is probably the easiest to lose sight of, and perhaps one of the most important in order to keep the work fun and interesting. A very comprehensive list you have developed here.

  • Ron Deering

    February 21, 2016

    Those are great Vitaliy…. thanks for sharing those with everyone… great value as always..

  • Hasna mudassar

    February 21, 2016

    I paid many time for web address later on no response after collecting money well rasool19663 skype id tell me exactly how much is plug in charges i am single have seven dependent very bad economic stress waiting

  • Barbie Figueroa

    February 21, 2016

    I love your videos and blog posts! Your energy and heart are contagious Vitaliy!