8 Email Marketing Tips That Will Help You Make More Money

email marketingEmail marketing is at the core of your internet marketing strategy. Everything you do online should be directed at building your email list and then building relationships with the people on your email list, because that is your liquid asset that grow in value all the time and that is what is going to allow you to have freedom in your life. Now with that said, a lot of budding internet marketers and online entrepreneurs make big mistakes that cost them a lot of money because they don’t understand how to do effective email marketing. So I’m going to give you 8 email marketing tips that are guaranteed to help you make more money from the same amount of people that you have on your email list, those are some of the insights and best practices when it comes to email marketing.

Email Marketing Tip #1 – The Size Of Your List Doesn’t Matter As The Relationships You Build With Your List

The biggest fallacy in the world of email: That the size of your list matters. This will drive you towards creating an unsustainable email list. Of course, it’s not bad to have a big list. But if people are not actively engaged on email campaigns, then get rid of them. I know people who have lists that are 10 times smaller nd they earn more money than people with list 10 times larger and that’s because of the relationships they built with the people and the amount of trust people have in you. 

A lot of people in the internet marketing world are focused on making money and generating a sale today, and they think that a way to do that is to consistently market and make offers to their email list. So they send day after day promotional emails to try to get people to buy their stuff and they wonder why no one is buying and paying attention to them. 

People are not getting on your email list to get on a pitch fest. People are getting on your list to get value from you! So stop focusing so much on how many people you have on your list, and start thinking more in terms of how I can help each and every one of my leads to get results.

Remember: The value is not in the size of your list.  The value is in the level of relationship you have with your list.

Email Marketing Tip #2 –  Your ideal ratio of added value to asking for the sale should be at least 3:1, ideally more like 5:1.

So it goes back to bringing value. Your goal is to have your prospects engaged with you, open your emails, clicking on your links and becoming your customers. It will happen when they start seeing you as the GO-TO person, as the Authority in your niche, as someone who has results and perspective that they don’t have yet, when you have social proof, when they see you as a trusted advisor. 

When you start teaching people in your emails and helping them change their perspective and get results in advance, even before they spent money with you, that’s when sales will happen for you much more smoothly whenever you run a promotion.

Email Marketing Tip #3 – Always Be Marketing

Now it may contradict with the previous tip, but it’s not really. Whatever you are doing, you are marketing. When you write your words, you are marketing yourself, your posture, your beliefs. So you cannot really separate between 100% value based emails and 100% promotional emails. What you want to do is most of the time have value emails primarily but give them an option to take the next step too, which can mean setting up an appointment with you, or register to your free webinar, or consume your content. Then you will have emails that are primarily promotion based. but even in those emails you can add stories and value.

Email Marketing Tip #4 – Tell A Lot Of Stories In Your Emails

Stories sell. Period. People love stories. People hate to be sold but they love to buy. And there is nothing more compelling than a good story. You can share your experiences and paint vivid pictures in their head, and people will identify with you.  And they will not have a clue why they are so compelled to click on your link, because now you are relatable and not just like any other marketer. 

Email Marketing Tip #5 – Send Emails Daily Or At Least Consistently 

How much you should email differs depending on market you are in, the product you are offering and what the customers want. If they need (and expect) your information every 2-3 days to better their lives and you are only sending once per month, then there’s a problem. You need to have metrics to understand and determine this, but you also need to know it varies. Some form of communication to your active list somewhere between every 1-7 days may be the right spot.

Now in case that you are wondering if sending an email a day is too much, it’s not, especially if you have something valuable to say daily. The more emails you will write the more money you will make. Daegan Smith, one of my mentors, has a saying – an email a day will keep you j-o-b away. 

Email Marketing Tip #6 – To the extent possible, every message should be about: Single problem, single message, single solution, single offer, single click.

So don’t be scattered in your emails, trying to address too many problems at once, trying to market to many things at once, trying to get them to click to more than 1 website. That way you will probably confuse people what they need to take action on. Be very clear what you want them to do in each of your emails.

It should be crystal clear to them what link they should click and why. 

Email marketing Tip #7 – Monitor your 3 primary metrics

There are three primary metrics to look at with your emails:

• Your open rate (which can be increased by changing your subject lines (i.e. “open this now”,“hey,” “important”))
• Your click through rate (which can be increased by changing your body copy)
• Your conversion rate (which can be increased by changing your offer)

Email Marketing Tip #8 – Inject your personality in your emails and never settle for done for you emails

Some products and systems offer you done for you emails…Well, while it’s ok to use them as a guidance, you never want to just copy and paste. You need to inject your own personality into everything you do, your stories, your lessons learned etc.  

Alright so those are some of my email marketing tips. If you want to learn more deeply how to do it, subscribe to me email list below. Let me know your thoughts and questions about email marketing below in the comments. 

– Vitaliy Dubinin

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