7 Video Marketing Tips To Generate Hot Leads For Your Biz On Autopilot

Video marketing tipsVideo Marketing is the best and fastest way to build your brand, to create loyal followers and fans, to establish your authority and credibility with your prospects, to get them know, like and trust you, to generate laser targeted leads and to turn visitors into paying customers. In this post I’ll show you why you must start using videos today to grow your business, how do you get started with video marketing, what’s a formula for a good video and I’ll give you 7 video marketing tips to generate hot leads for your online business 24/7.

With more than 1 Billion people on YouTube and 4 million videos watched every day on YouTube alone, you understand that you must use videos. With videos you can build a very responsive email list fast, because people that come to your landing page and blog from a video, they already know who you are, they trust and respect you so they know who they are going to be getting emails from. When you consistently provide value in your videos, you will build a list of fans and followers who will buy whatever you are promoting.

Video marketing is a low cost advertising strategy, you can get started with your smartphone or tablet video camera and free editing software. Beyond that it’s only your time to create the videos. People like videos, it’s fun and interactive, you can and should entertain and educate at the same time, I would say 70% entertainment and 30% training. With video you have the ability to go viral, cause people like to share all the time. 

More importantly video marketing elevates you and positions you as an expert, you’re now on TV! It’s your show. Because not everybody doing videos, you’ll stand out especially if you apply the 7 video marketing tips I’ll share with you here. When you start dong videos, you’ll naturally become a better speaker, a better marketer, a better communicator. This is by far the highest reward for doing videos. It’ll prepare you for speaking from stage if that’s what you want.

At first your videos will suck, and that’s ok, everybody starts from doing sucky videos, me too. My first video was horrible, I can’t look at it, I was spending hours to create 5 minute video. Now I can turn on the camera and speak and sometimes do a video from 1 take. 

How do you get started with video marketing?

You need a camera first. Duh… I use Canon VIXIA HF R400, I love this camera, it gives you everything you need and it’s not expensive. Second you need a good microphone, preferably wireless, because the audio of your video is a huge part that will determine the quality of your video. Don’t save on a good mic. I have SONY ECM-AW3 and I love it. It’s less than $300 and it’s really good. It’ll allow you to shoot videos when you are far away from the camera and have a crisp sound.

Apart from that you’ll need an editing software. I use Camtasia for Windows and it’s all that you ever need. It’ll allow you to create the so-important screen capture videos as well. There are some more cheaper solutions than Camtasia if you are on a low budget, and other software for Mac (Google it), but definitely edit your videos, at least cut the intro and the end of your videos. I learned to use Camtasia from Lynda.com they have a great course on that. 

Then you need to have a YouTube channel and optimize it.  Put a nice header, post links to your blog and sites, connect it to your blog. Sometimes you don’t want YouTube to host your videos, like your landing page videos, your sales page videos, etc, so I use Wistia to host my videos, it’s the best video hosting on the market in my opinion. 

Video Marketing Tip #1 – Capture Their Attention Immediately and Interrupt their Pattern

This is critical. People don’t have patience and time today. They are bombarded with marketing messages, things to do, and distractions everywhere, all the time. So if you don’t give them strong reason to watch your video in the first 5-20 seconds, they will check out, close your video and you lose. The beginning of your video is the most important part, because if you don’t peak their curiosity, hit their pain points, engage them emotionally, they will not watch the rest of the video. 

So what kind of pattern interrupts you can do? You can start your video by asking a question. Very powerful.  It gets them thinking and engaged. You can do some crazy things that they don’t expect. This is your time to be creative. You can start your video with a HUGE benefit, a big promise they will get by watching your video through the end. You can talk about their main emotional pain right from the start. Whatever you have to do, grab their attention, ask them a question, tell them WHY they must pay attention and watch your video till the end. Because usually your call to action will be at the end and if you don’t capture their attention they will not get till the end. 

Video marketing Tip #2 – Speak To One Person Like You Are Speaking To Your Best Friend 

Always remember that there is only 1 person who is watching the video. A common mistake people make is they are saying things like “hey guys” as though there are many people watching it gathering around the screen. NO. Speak to only 1 person. Direct to camera. Imagine that you are speaking to your best friend. Would you be relaxed if you spoke to your best friend? YES. Would you be more casual, more yourself, more human? YES. That’s what people want to see in you. They want you to be you, real, authentic, transparent, honest. You don’t need to put on a mask, or pretend to be someone you are not.

If you just be more relaxed and confident, you’ll naturally be more creative, more fun and create better videos. So no need to afraid the camera, just get over it, imagine it’s your best friend when you see the lens of the camera and GO.

Video Marketing Tip #3 – Make Short Videos Most Of The Time

Again people don’t have patience to watch 1 hour video of you talking, unless you are VERY good communicator. It’s tough even for best communicators to hold the attention of people for long periods of time. Especially if it’s a static video, with no live interaction going on. It’s different than a webinar. So make your videos short and to the point, 3- 7 minute videos. Don’t try to give them everything you know on a subject in 1 video. Just give the main points, the best points. Answer 1 or 2 questions they have and that’s it. 

Make your videos interesting but incomplete. Tell them to visit your website and sign up for your email list to get more information. If it’s a tutorial video than it can be a bit longer but again try your best not to waste time. Get to the point. 

Video Marketing Tip #4 – Share Stories and Provide Entertainment

People love to be entertained and they love to hear stories. They are compelled in fact to listen to stories. Stories sell. Don’t think that you need to give them 100% information, direct to the point content in your videos. Don’t do that, it’s boring! Give them stories, metaphors, engage their right brain, that’s like 70% of your video. Some of the best internet marketers have story telling coaches, because it’s that important for you to learn how to tell stories. If you share about a product you use, do it in a form of story, the before and after effect, the struggle, the turning point when everything changed, you get the idea. 

Video Marketing Tip #5 – Communicate To Create Life Change In Others and Share Your Vision

When you turn on the camera and start speaking, you have the power to change someone’s life, to inspire, to make a difference. Don’t just communicate to inform people, it gets them to think. Communicate in a way that get them feel empowered. People never forget how you made them feel. There are certain things that you can say in your videos, small sentences that will make all the difference in the world. 

You can say things like – “You can DO it, you can do it HUGE” or “Our system or product is amazing but so are you” , “Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something” , “I’m impressed that you are watching this right now as it says you have an extreme success focus”. 

And always share your vision and who do you stand for in your videos, whether directly or indirectly. People follow leaders and you need to constantly move people with your vision. 

Video Marketing Tip #6 – Elevate Your Energy and Get Into Peak State Before Shooting A Video

Your energy is everything, it’s contagious. The state you are in when you are shooting your video will impact the words you say and your body language and also many unconscious messaging you send. So it’s very important that you pump yourself up before shooting a video, get into a peak state, walk, jump, do push ups, shout loudly how great you are, remember times that you were at your peak performance, do whatever it takes to get into peak state. 

See what you saw and hear what you heard when yuo were at your best. Jacked up about life. Close your eyes and see yourself talk calmly, confidently in a relaxed manner to the camera. Breathe deeply. Your audience will definitely feel your energy. Speak with passion, excitement, enthusiasm. 

Video Marketing Tip #7 – Always Give Call To Actions In Your Videos

This is also a very critical part of making videos and frankly in all your marketing. People don’t do it, or don’t do it enough. You need to tell your prospects, your followers, your fans, exactly what they need to do next, in a clear way with no ambiguity, confidently. If you don’t tell them what to do they won’t do it. They will be confused.

If you don’t tell them to subscribe to your YouTube channel they won’t. If you don’t tell them to click the link below the video and fill out the form they won’t. It’s not only about clicking links, give call to actions to add you as friend on Facebook and contact you, subscribe to your channel, visit your Facebook fan page, comment on your video, like your video, subscribe to your email list etc. 

Lead with value. If you have a system like MyLeadSystemPro, than you have a lot of capture pages and valuable training to give away already done for you so you can start marketing right away. It gives you all the tools and training you’ll ever need from top internet marketers and network marketers how to market your online business.

Now most people think that call to action should come only at the end of the video. But that’s a huge mistake! You should give call to actions, multiple times, throughout your whole video, directly and indirectly. There is a way to tell people what to do without directly telling them to do it. That’s a little bit advance topic so I won’t cover it right now. But the main thing to remember is give call to actions all the time, sell people on the next step they should take all the time. 

I hope you are fully convinced and ready to do a lot of video marketing. I encourage you to do it. Apply those tips and you will improve as a video marketer a lot. Leave comments below to let me know what you need more help with video marketing. 

Vitaliy Dubinin

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