7 Steps Selling Framework To Sell More Stuff On Webinars, Hangouts And Videos

How do you persuade a group of people to believe in your idea, to buy your products, to join your team and to sell more of your products and services? Well today I’m going to share with you a 7-step selling framework that is going to help you sell more stuff. I learned it from Brendon Burchard, who is my favorite mentor, going through his High Performance Academy Training.

As you may know, Brendon Burchard has sold millions and millions and millions of dollars of his products and services, so hopefully it’s going to help you a lot especially if you are going to do webinars and hangouts, which are very, very powerful.

Step 1 – Frame the POSSIBILITY and then the problem.

Don’t start with the problem. Start with the dream.

Paint the picture of the dream and what is possible for them. 

For example: Have you ever wanted to build a 6-figure business from home when you only have an internet and a computer? Have you ever wanted to generate 50 leads a day online, all coming to you and want to join your business? Have you ever wanted to build a successful and wildly growing team in your network marketing organization?

Whatever it is that you’re selling, whatever your products or services are, you want to start with the dream of what is possible, and then you describe the problems. What are the problems that your prospective customers are facing, their frustrations, their fears, their pains, what they’re going through? You want to talk about that.

Step 2 – Tell Your Story Solution = Search + AHA + WIN

So here you tell about the story of how you found the solution and the results you have got. 

You want to say, “Hey, you know, I have this dream too. I knew that it’s possible for me, but I had all of these challenges along the way, and I just went on this journey. I went on a search to discover a solution, and I tried a bunch of things and it didn’t work. I felt there must be a better way! So I kept learning, I kept applying, I kept trying. I did this and that, and then finally I had the breakthrough. I had an AHA moment and I realized that if I do it this way, then it’s going to be so much better. This is a perfect solution”

You see what’s I’m saying?

“Since I discovered this breakthrough, I got all of those wins. I sign up people every single day to my primary networking business. I make 6-figure residual income. I do whatever I want and live my freedom lifestyle. I do this and that. Those are my results, those are my wins,” so you describe that. 

By the way it’s all true for me, you can learn more about what I do here and I’ll give you a call.  

Now, what it helps you to do is it helps you to build rapport that you are just like them and it gives you the credibility.

7 Steps Selling Framework To Sell More Stuff On Webinars, Hangouts And Videos

Step 3 – Bust Myths.

This is one of the most finer ways to teach and to position yourself as an authority. 

You want to say for example, “There are people who are still thinking that this is the way to build a business. They’re thinking THIS is how it’s done. They’re still believing THIS is true, but what I found it’s not true anymore. There is a much better, much smarter, much greater way to make much more money than all those other ways”

For example a popular myth people believe in is that you need to have a huge list to make a 6-figure income. It’s not true. You need to have a RESPONSIVE list, and you can make $10K+ a month with just a 1,000 on your list. 

When you bust somebody’s myths or what they used to believe, now, they start thinking, what else does he know that I don’t know? When they find that what they were used to think and believe is not longer valid, that there’s a better way, a smarter way to do things, now they’re paying attention.

Step 4 – Describe The Solution + Benefits 

This is where you’re going to describe your product and what it does for them and what are all the benefits that they’re going to get with this. Not only the benefits for them, but also the benefits for the family, the benefits for the community, the benefits for the world, and how it’s going to help them change their lives and all of that good stuff.

This is not a time to drop the price yet, and not the time to make an offer, you are just describing the benefits and your solution in more detail. 

 Step 5 – Frame Objections As Mistakes.

Think about the objections that they might have in their mind ahead of time, talk about them as they are thinking it, get into their head. But you want to frame them as MISTAKES. 

So here is an example:  “A lot of people when they got started on this journey, they made the mistake of believing that you should have the money in order to be able to build your business. Or they made the mistake of believing that it would require them a lot of time that they cannot afford”

But what they soon discovered is…

Step 6 – Make an Irresistible Offer With a Comparison.

Here you will make your irresistible offer, all of the cool bonuses they will get, and it will all benefit them once again. 

Now you don’t just reveal the price yet. You don’t say  “Hey, this is how much it’s going to cost you.”

You want to first talk about how much it’s going to cost them if they were doing all of this in other ways. If they were to do just a fraction of what you’re going to offer them here, they’re going to pay hundreds and hundreds and hundreds dollars more elsewhere, so you describe all of that, all of this pain, all this time that you invested in yourself to figure this out, that they don’t have to do it.

They’re going to shorten their learning curve. They’re not going to do those costly mistakes that you have done. You’re going to save them a bunch of money.

So when you make the comparison, by the time you’re revealing the price, it seems very small in comparison to other things that they could have spent their money on.

My buddy Steve Jaffe likes to call it making a comparison Apples to Oranges and Apples to Apples. Another way to put it is making price Juxtoposition. 

Step 7 – Close With Enthusiasm And The Closing Process GBBU.

You gotta bring the enthusiasm back into the game. Here is a cool acronym that Brendon came up with: GBBU. 

G stands for a Guarantee. You make a guarantee, you say “hey you’re going to buy this but you’ve got 30 days money back guarantee. If you don’t like it for any reason, if you’re not satisfied, you’re going to be easily be able to get your money back”

B stands for A Surprise Bonus. You want to give them some other surprise bonuses on top of all the other benefits and bonuses they get, they get also this surprise bonus and get people excited about this surprise bonuses as well.

Another B stands for The Benefit of the Extra Bonus. What are the benefits they get with the extra bonus, like I said you want to get people excited just about the extra bonus. 

U stands for the Urgency. What is the urgency to take action now and later. You want to have them bad consequences happen if they don’t buy your thing.

For example all the extra bonuses available for the first 10 people only, or only today they’re going to get the extra bonus or something like that. You want to give them a reason why to take action now.

So this is the 7-steps selling framework and it’s awesome. It works! Use it. When you’re doing video presentations, when you’re doing hangouts and webinars, you can use this 7-step process to be able to get more sales of what it is that you are promoting no matter what it is. Hopefully, you got a lot of value out of this episode, and if so comment below and consider sharing it with your friends.

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