7 Powerful Tips To Convert More Leads Into Loyal Buyers & Raving Fans With Email Marketing

Email marketingWe can summarize everything that you do to build a profitable online business to 2 things – 1) Getting consistent flow of leads and people who follow you and 2) Convert those leads into your buyers who trust you, want to do business with you again and again and even talk about you to their friends.

If you master the art and science of getting targeted traffic to your websites, converting that traffic into leads and then follow up with those leads to build a relationship of trust and gain customers, you can earn as much as you want no matter what you are promoting.

In this post I want to share with you the strategies that I learn from my 7-figure mentors, I haven’t mastered it all yet but rest assured that it works because it’s been proven to work. Some of this information cost me a lof of money to get so pay close attention:

Tip #1 – Focus On Building Your E-mail List Every Single Day!

Your email list is the core asset of your business, it’s the most important part of any online business, and where the most leverage lies. Anything that has to do with getting targeted leads into your marketing funnels is your highest and most leveraged money making activities.

Set a goal to get at least 20-50 leads per day, it’s doable and pretty fast, especially if you’re using paid marketing strategies like ezine advertising.

It’s important that you reinvest what you earn with paid marketing, at least 20%. i would say at the beginning if you want to gain unfair advantage renvest even 90-100% of the profits back to your paid advertising.

Next big thing is you need segment your leads to buyers and non buyers. Buyers worth much much more to you, even if they paid 7$ it fundamentally changes the relationships that you have with them. It’s much easier to sell high ticket back end offers to people who are buyers, who are hungry to learn more. Some will not hesitate to spend $15,000 with you if the value is there.

Cultivate the relationships with your list. meet them where they are at, think about the problems they are having on a daily basis, be emphatethic and address all of these issues, and then offer them a solution to their problems.

Getting leads is one thing, but converting those leads that’s where your main challenge is.

People don’t just want to get more money, they want leadership, they want a sense of belonging. People want to be understood.

Be a leader that comes from a place of giving value. Don’t be attached to money, serve from the heart and people will follow you.

Remember that they are constantly looking a wizard that can take them to that next level, so be that wizard for them.

Tip #2 – Utilize Your Autoresponders And Email Daily!

To maximize your conversions you want to email your people daily. It’s like with a best friend, you speak to him every day right, so constant communication creates that trust and intimacy.

Send them valuable messages, take them to your blog, to your YouTube videos and to other content that you have written. The more they see you in different places on the web the better.

Give without the expectation of getting anything back. This is the foundation of a great leader.

In your emails show your personality, share your story, tell why you do what you do, what do you stand for, what do you stand against, why they should join you, what happens when they do business with you, give them results in advancem and become the trusted advisor in their eyes.

Be entertaining and educating at the same time, it’s very important.

Most people are pitching most of the time and trying to get their list to buy something. Your list consists of real people with real problems and you’ll stand out from everyone else by giving value first, and a lot of it.


Make sure that you add call to action and tell people what is the next step whenever you are communicating. If you study to pearners you can see that they all have call to actions everywhere.

Tip #3 – Always Provide Value In Your Messages

Let me repeat as repetition is the mother of all skills, as Tony Robbins would say it, anyways you should always lead with value. Value is what creates trust, authority, respect, bond & ultimately more sales.

You can provide value in your email messages, in your videos, in your blog posts, in your Facebook status updates and in one on one interactions.

Tip #4 – Create Killer Curiousity Provoking Subject Lines

Your subject lines is what gets your emails opened. Spend some time thinking about good subject lines that get attention.

Invoke their curiousity, ask questions, share specific statistics, even write weird words like LOL, Hmmmm, yooo, you get the point.

Your subject linke should stand out. You can even say something that get them to think I can’t believe he said that, and of course you explain in the first sentence why you said that, like writing some controversial subject lines.

Good source of inspiration for headlines is other good marketers. Get on their lists if only with the intention to see their subject lines.

here is a couple of examples I dug from my Gmail account:

– This BADASS picture says it all ๐Ÿ™‚

– He forced me to yawn ( true story )

– “Pigs don’t know pigs stink”

– My “Zompie Cop” brain-fart marketing plan

You see, these subject lines get people attention…

You can search Amazon best selling book titles in your niche to get some ideas too

Tip #5 – Remind Your Subscribers Why You’re Sending Them Emails!

This is how you get them engaged and keep staying on the list. YOUR message should stand out in their inbox and your emails opened and read.

What is your unique value, what do you bring on the table for your subscribers?

It’s important that you tell your readers that if you don’t like my emails and no longer want to receive benefits XYZ, then you can unsubscribe any time.

You want people to unsubscribe because those people are not going to buy from you anyway, so it’s better to have a small list of poeple that 80% of them open yuor emails than a big list that only 1.5% open your emails.

Tip #6 – Tell Your Subscribers What To Look Forward To – The ‘Cliff Hanger”

Always open the loop for your readers, say that on the next email I’m going to teach you XYZ, I’ve got some exciting stuff coming your way, or whatever.

It’s like soap operas, they always end the chapter with some tension, and that’s why people want to watch the next show. Tension creates attention, they want to relieve it and so they will read your next email.

Tip #7 – Be Personal – Write Like You’re Sending an Email To One Of Your Best Friends

Remember that you are writing to one person. Only one person reads it a time. Use words like YOU and yours a lot, cause your emails is about them and not about you.

It’s about their problems, their wants and desires and struggles and frustrations. Sure you tell your own stories but that’s to relate to them through your own story.

Alright so there you have, those powerful 7 tips if you follow them will skyrocket the conversions that you are having with your emails. Hope you took notes ๐Ÿ™‚

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