4 Tips To Seduce Your Perfect Prospect, Get Endless Leads And Sponsor People On Facebook Effortlessly Without Spending A Dime On Advertising

Would you like to wake up each day to a full inbox of Facebook messages from people who want to buy from you and join you? Would you like to learn how to attract the perfect prospect to you on Facebook and NEVER run out of leads to talk to again? Would you like to learn how to sponsor more people on Facebook effortlessly without spending a dime on advertising?
This is exactly what I’m going to be covering in this video and blog post below. I’ve been able to sign up 46 people into my business in the last 30 days alone on Facebook and winning first place in affiliate contests without spending a dime on advertising. I’ll share with you 4 tips right now how you can do it as well and in the end I’ll give you an opportunity to register for a free webinar where I’m going to be covering this stuff way deeper. 

Tip #1 – Never Post Any Promotional Links Directly To Your Company Sales Presentation. 

Most brand new network marketers and home business entrepreneurs do it all wrong because they don’t understand marketing. They are posting promotional links directly to their company website or sales page, and it’s a horrible idea. 
People don’t do business with people who are pitching their business, with people who look needy and desperate, you don’t come across as a leader, but rather a broke asponsor_on_facebookmateur when you do that. 
It’s like going to a bar and saying to a girl I need a girlfriend, will you be my girlfriend..that’s not attractive, that’s repelling.  
People don’t buy on Facebook, people buy off of Facebook, when they receive emails from you, watch your videos outside Facebook, interact with you on the phone or skype. 
Instead Post Curiosity Grabbing Posts: 
You want to engage people and raise their curiosity about what you do. 
If you do post links than do it to your value based content.
Link to your blog posts where you provide value, educate and solving your target audience’s problems. Link to your webinars that you are hosting that you are providing value. Link to your capture pages that PROVIDE TON OF VALUE once again for free.  
– Post a quote and give your opinion about it.
Don’t just quote someone. If you take Tony Robbins quote let’s say “It’s in the moment of decision that your destiny is shaped” than you would share a story about how you made a decision and how you are changing your life, and your opinion and comments about the quote. Imbue yourself, your story and your personality into your posts.
Post about lessons learned, and inspiration
Any time you learn something cool, you have something cool that you can share to inspire others, post it. If you are a constant learner like I am you will have more ideas than you ever have time to write about. 
Post about your small wins that you have 
Anytime you hit a milestone, you have some cool result you got, a breakthrough, a cool strategy, then create curiosity around it. 
Tell hey I just discovered a cool trick that allowed me to generate 17 leads for free on twitter. If you’d like to learn how I did it PM me for a free coaching session. Or something like that. sponsor on facebook 2
Post lifestyle images
People want to have the lifestyle that your home business can provide. Post when you on a vacation, when you are taking your spouse to a restaurant, when you are having fun with your kids, when you are in nature sailing a boat, when you are cruising, riding a motorcycle or climbing a mountain.  You get the point. 
Always engage people and ask them questions at the end of your posts.  

Tip #2 – Reach Out To People Who Are Commenting, Liking and Sharing Your Stuff and Your Friend Requests

Start a conversation with people! If somebody is engaging with your stuff in some way, they are liking your post or page, they are commenting, they are sharing your stuff, why not start a conversation with them and message them?
It’s very simple here is the formula:
Hey [name] how are you doing + why you are messaging them + compliment them or comment about something in common and personal + ask a question
It will get you most of the time people responding to you. From there you will engage with them, ask questions, provide value and get them to talk to you on skype or subscribe to your newsletter to get something cool. 

Tip #3 – Interact With People In Targeted Facebook Groups

There are plenty of groups that you can find in the home business and network marketing niche, that are relevant.
Just search in Facebook, and find the groups and become a member. You can search “groups joined by Vitaliy Dubinin” and become a member of the groups I joined. 
Make friends and connect with the admin in the group, because chances are he is friends with a lot of people in this group and your message is not going to go to the other folder never to be found again 🙂
Put Post value based training there, engage and interact with others and start conversations. 

Tip #4 – Create Videos And Upload To Facebook

Videos is the best way by far to rally engage with your prospects and attract them to you. 
When you can show up on video and educate your prospects, help them solve a specific problem they have, and provide massive value in an entertaining and authentic way, people are going to be drawn to you and want to learn more from you. 
The key here is again to not talk about your company, but talk about a certain question that runs in their mind and help them answer this question in video.
Then you want to give a call to action in the end and you don’t have to have a perfect blog for that. You can have a call to action to PM you, to email you or to hit like on your fan page. It can be to go to your capture page or to register for your free webinar. 

4 Tips To Seduce Your Perfect Prospect, Get Endless Leads And Sponsor People On Facebook Effortlessly Without Spending A Dime On Advertising

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  • chris & Rhonda Johnson

    July 22, 2015

    Spot on Vitaliy, thanks very important 4 tips…I particularly like video as a medium on Facebook!

  • Alex Bender

    July 20, 2015

    Vitaliy mate this is gold. I wish I knew some of this stuff when I first got online, would have saved me a whole lot of hurt. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the world.

  • Carol Makowski

    July 20, 2015

    Great tips here Vitaliy. A couple things I have not yet seen. Thanks for the share. Very helpful.

  • Ron Deering

    July 19, 2015

    Awesome post and tips…. 2 and 3 are my favorites….. thanks for sharing Vitaliy….