6 Tips That Will Help You Position Yourself As The Leader And Authority In The Industry

On today’s Inspirational show I’m going to show you and give you a couple of tips how you can position yourself as the leader and the authority in the industry, so people recognize you as the leader and want to work with you, join you and buy from you.

Because people join people they perceive as leaders and not companies. The worst thing that someone can recognize you as just another rep in the company, as just another affiliate like everyone else. 

Tip #1 – Define What Makes You Different And Define Your Market And Area Of Expertise. 

Why would people want to join YOU? How are you different? If you are going to choose a place to eat in town, you are going to levitate to certain restaurants that you like the atmosphere there, you love the music, you love the ambiance and you like the food. So why would people want to eat with you? 🙂

You don’t want to be a generalist, you want to be a specialist. 
You want to stand head and shoulders above your competition. Not because you are better than anyone. I’m not better than anyone else. But because you want to stand out from the noise. 

6 Tips That Will Help You Position Yourself As The Leader And Authority In The Industry


Tip #2 – Learn & Apply & Teach At The Same Time

What makes you an expert is that you know more than others in your field, that you have a perspective on things and that you are TEACHING your audience.
You need to simultaneously learn and apply and teach. The BEST way to learn and to become an expert is to TEACH, period.
It’s in the process of you figuring out your message and what you want to convey, you are going to learn unbelievably well. 
So continuously plug in to learning from great mentors, books, hop on webinars, surround yourself with the people who have the results you have and be a HUMBLE STUDENT of the game, observe and learn. 
You are going to learn how to create videos and become better at it in the process of actually shooting the videos. I promise you that after 10 videos you are going to be it’s not that bad, after 100 videos you are going to be yeah it’s pretty cool, and after 400 videos you are going to be a rockstar. 

Tip #3 – Create a Blog That Brands You And Blog Consistently 

Your blog is a huge part of your online presence. It’s where you are going to invite people from social media and from your lists over and over again, it’s like your home online where you provide a lot of value and people can learn more about you. 
So publish content daily in the first 90 days and then 3-5 times a week.
Create about me page where you will share your story and how it relates to the wants and desires of your target audience. Don’t create a page and it’s all about I, I, I. Create a page where it’s all about You, You, You.
Of course make sure that you have a lead magnet in place so that you can capture the leads before you go crazy about blogging daily.
Ask for testimonials.
If you are providing value to your team members, it’s very easy to come to them and ask for a testimonials and what it’s like to be working with you. 
It will give you more social proof in the eyes of your visitors and prospects. 
Never miss an opportunity to go to LIVE events, picture yourself with other leaders, do interviews. The more you are going to be seen in the circle of awesome people, the more online authority you will gain. 

Tip #4 – Build Your Social Media Audience

Provide regular value on your social media platforms and you will start gaining more and more followers and likes. 
Create a Facebook business page and start promoting it to increase the amount of likes you have. Provide value there. 
Increase the followers you have on Instagram, subscribers you have on YouTube, and followers Twitter and other social media platforms like Linked-In. The more people are going to endorse you and more followers and likes you will have, the more you are going to be seen as the leader in the industry. 

Tip #5 – Compile And Celebrate Your Wins

Nobody starts with big results. But whatever results that you do have you want to leverage them. 
Let’s say you learned how to generate your first 10 leads. Create a blog post or video teaching people how you did it, how you can help THEM generate 10 leads today for their business. 
You made a sales today? Shoot a video teaching people what you have done and how they can make a sale today too. 
You need to celebrate your successes and DOCUMENT it, and then email it to your list and post it on social media. Not to brag, but to show people what’s possible. 
Then one day you are going to wake up and send an email like I did saying how I made $3,120 today before I even had my breakfast. Want to learn how I did it? Click Here. 
Or for you it can be how I made $4,102 in my pink pajamas right 🙂
Then you are going to create bigger and bigger results, celebrating more wins, creating more testimonials, more products and more people are going to recognize you as the leader. 

Tip #6 – Create Your Own Lead Capture Page, Your Own Lead Magnet and Bridge Page

What will make you stand out is when you have your own funnel, when you have your own offers and you are introducing people to YOU, before the company. 
You can create a free video training that will teach people how to achieve a certain results they want. And if it’s going to be good, if you are going to help them accomplish something and learn a lot from you for free before they bought anything, they will wonder how it’s like to be working with you. 
Create a bridge page when you first introduce people to you, and then you are redirecting them to watch a company presentation. 

You can create your own presentation if you are really good at it. 

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  • Bobby and Stevie-Lee

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    Hi Vitality
    Awesome video and blog this helped us understand a bit more of what we are wanting to accomplish and this made our day thank you 🙂

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    This is definitely some solid advice! You have it right and you can look forward to having a very successful career with advice like this. Thank your for sharing your expertise!

  • Gary Bledsoe

    July 10, 2015

    These 6 tips are very powerful & important in helping one branding themselves and establishing themselves as a leader. People always follow leaders first before they follow anyone else. GREAT POST!!

    • Vitaliy Dubinin

      July 12, 2015

      Hey Gary absolutely, people follow leaders.

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    This is an excellent guide on how to position yourself as an authority in the industry. Loving your blog by the way Vitaly, it’s jam packed with value. Keep up the great work!

  • Phenomenal post on positioning yourself as a leader and authority in our industry Vitaliy! Each one is exactly on point. Loved what you said about learning, doing, and teaching because you really do learn as you go. So many try to figure everything out before taking any action, but the learning really is in the doing. Appreciate all the tremendous value you share in order to help others have success.

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    July 9, 2015

    Great tips Vitaliy…. this one is a keeper… thanks for sharing…

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    Great tips Vitaly. You always provide such great value.