6 Steps To Generate 5-15 Quality Leads For Your Home Business On Facebook Every Day For FREE And It Takes Less Than 90 Minutes Per Day

Imagine how your home business income will explode if you had 10 quality leads every day to talk to about your business, and you spent ZERO dollars on advertising. Yes, it’s possible and I’ll show you how to generate leads on Facebook for free in less than 90 minutes a day. 

I see a lot of inexperienced home business owners go and spend a bunch of money on paid advertising and go broke because paid advertising takes a lot of specialized skills. I’m all about automation and leverage and freedom, but if you are fairly new in home business and you don’t have a budget for paid advertising, now you have no excuses. 

I’ll show you some simple things that you can do every day on Facebook that will not cost you a dime that over time will compound to massive results and profits, and you can apply it immediately starting today.

What I’ll share with you may sound simple, but the bottom line is it works and you can do it to produce results, just trust the process and don’t dismiss it for simplicity. What simple to do, simple not to do also 🙂


Before we start I want to take a moment and say what not to do. Spamming people and Facebook groups with your links about your business never works and will never work.

People hate hype. Trying to win their business without winning their trust first is wasting your time. It’s like trying to propose a marriage to a guy or a girl that you just met. J

People don’t join business opportunities. People join people they know, like and trust. People join leaders that care about their success.

Step 1 – Clean up your Facebook profile

Your personal profile and your Facebook status updates tell a lot to others about who you are. That’s the fundamentals. If your posts are all about your business, nobody cares about that. The louder your profile screams about your business, the more people you’ll repel.

Create some awesome professional pictures of yourself. Create a timeline cover photo that will show you and your lifestyle, be cool.

Have photos there of yourself, and showing that you are hanging out with other cool people, industry leaders that you met at events, and pics that will tell the story of who you are.

Never post on your timeline anything negative, anything that shows that you are struggling, that you are a newbie, no complaining, and no problem type of posts.

Post things that you are learning, post valuable tips, post videos where you share valuable information serving others, something that they will benefit from regardless if they will work with you or not.

It’s your job to build an audience and create influence with this audience. You don’t need to have Facebook Fan Page for that, you can have followers on your personal profile.

Share valuable trainings, invite people to webinars, show that you care, talk about mistakes that other people making, myths of the industry, your experiences. Just be real, authentic and cool.

I could go into more depth into that, how to build your authority on Facebook and cultivate your audience, but I’ll save it to my other training videos, I want to keep it short and to the point and give you the juice.

Step 2 – Connect with at least 10 new people every day and make friendships

Imagine that you are in business of making new friends, because you are. Just simply start new conversations with people that you know they are in the home business niche.

Those can be people that are in the same Facebook groups that you are in. Those are the people are liking, commenting and engaging in conversations on different fan pages and groups.

You can find those groups and pages by typing in Facebook search bar “Pages liked by people who like GURU X” and type in the name of a celebrity in the home business niche.  

Then go there and see who is active, what they are posting, and leave valuable comment yourself. If you leave a really good valuable comment, people will add you as a friend themselves and check out who you are, or just you start the conversation first.

Another way is to type in the Facebook search “Friends of my friends who like network marketing pro and like shark tank” I mean you can be so detailed in who is the person you want to find and Facebook will give it to you. Learn how to use the Facebook Search graph!

So just send people a message, say Hi, start the conversation going by mentioning something about their profile, the way you found this person and asking a question eager to learn something more about THEM.

Remember it’s all about THEM and not you, so you need to learn to ask the right questions, listen, and make the conversation all about them, being genuinely interested in them.

You don’t start ever a conversation with the intent to sell something. Put the focus off of you and your business! You are just starting a conversation to make a friend. Talk like you would talk with a friend.

Imagine adding 10 new real friends every day, having 10 real conversations every day, you will have by the end of the year 3650 friends!

You should understand that your Facebook friends are like your second email list. You can create an event on Facebook and invite all of your friends for free!

Friends see your content much more and fans on a fan page, because Facebook want you to pay to see your content, but I’m digressing here.

Step 3 – Establish common ground

Your goal is to build rapport and trust with people. What do you have in common? Are you in the same city, are you both building a home business, have you both bought the same product?

You should understand that people don’t buy from you if they don’t trust you and they don’t have a high desire and urgency to buy what you are promoting.

So very simply you will ask some questions and share some of your personal story, ask for their story, and connect like you would with a friend.

If you be genuine with them, be real and be cool, they will open up to you. If your intent is simply helping them and you really mean it from your heart people will feel it.  

Step 4 – Discover their challenges

Now when you established rapport and trust, you want to ask some specific questions to uncover their challenges.

You should know that 95% of home business owners are really struggling, they are confused, they are looking for the answers.

So you can ask “Are you doing this full time or part time”, “How long have you been in this XYZ company”, “How are things going in your company?”, and here is a killer question “How are you doing with generating leads online for your XYZ business?”

That one with get a lot of frustration out of people, because most people are struggling with that. Their main problem is they don’t have leads and they don’t make money.

So dig deeper and be postured. Ask “What is your monthly income goal?”, “Are you serious about your success?”, “What is holding you back do you think to get full time?”.

If you are building a network marketing company, then you can ask “How many people have you sponsored this month?”, “How is your team duplicating?”, “How is your upline supporting you?”, “Are you seeing results with what you are doing”

Once you know their challenges, you can ask for their permission to share a solution.

Step 5 – Provide a solution

 So when people tell you what their challenges are, they already trust that you can maybe help them overcome those challenges.

At this point you can either get them on the phone or ask their permission to share more information with them that will help them.

Tell them “Hey I have a couple of minutes right now, we can talk on skype or on the phone, this way I can help you better because it’s much more personal” or you can schedule a call and say that you are willing to give them some of your coaching time for free.

When you are on the phone with someone, you have the ability to really connect and give them a tailored solution to what they want.  When somebody gives you a phone # or skype, it’s like having a lead, think about that.

You don’t have to speak with them personally before you share a solution, just understand that whenever you can speak with someone on the phone or skype it will help you increase your sales.

One of the big tips I will give you is you can ask people to join your personal newsletter! Whenever you can prolong the conversation and be on top of their mind, you can build relationships and trust via emails you will send.

That’s a very powerful principle you’ll learn. The more time they spend with you, with your content, the better, the more you develop trust and build relationships.

So your solution can be sending them to a training you’ve made that you know can help them, or a training someone else made, or sending them to a watch a presentation of your business opportunity.  

I want you to see the bigger picture, it’s all about the relationships and trust that you build with people. What gets you paid is prospecting and marketing. It’s building your audience and having influence with y audience.

When someone tells you that they are not yet generating leads online, they are not yet building their email list, they have not yet started to brand themselves online you can simply say something like “Hey do you want to get access to trainings and tools that helped me become successful in my home business and will help you generate leads and build your XYZ business?”

And then you can send them to watch MLSP presentation and they’ll get excited because it will teach them everything they need to know to become successful in home business.

The key is to be genuinely willing to help, get the focus off of you, and focus on helping them achieve their goals and dreams. Step into leadership role, be of service to others.

Step 6 – Follow up and collect a decision.

Now after they have watched the training, or presentation or whatever information you sent them, schedule a follow up call or just shoot a message on Facebook and ask “what did you like best about the training?”.

Listen carefully to what they say and raise their level of desire. Alleviate their fears and worries. Reassure them that you are going to be for them every step of the way and guide them to success.

Ask them on a level of 1 to 10 how excited they are about what they saw, and if they say 8 then ask them what would make it a 10 for you right now.

And answer their questions and their concerns and guide them to take action.

So this is it, if you follow those 6 steps, you’re going to generate leads for your home business on Facebook for free.

BONUS STEP that makes all the difference:

Now if you really want to boost your progress and generate leads with ease that will be very eager to speak to you, then it’s not enough to just connect with people.

You also want to create valuable content daily and promote it, this is going to help you building your brand online and web presence. When people see that you create content on a consistent basis, they will pay attention.

For example create videos daily and upload them to YouTube and share them on Facebook.

I create my Daily Inspirational Show videos every single day where I share about leadership and mindset and inspire home business entrepreneurs to take action and succeed. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to view all the episodes.

Here is a bonus tip for you: create a short little video where you give some tips, some valuable information and a call to action, and post the video in Home Business Facebook groups.

You will stand out from all the rest of the people who are just trying to promote themselves. You’ll people to you.

You can also celebrate the birthdays of your friends 🙂

I guarantee you that there are already probably friends that you have right now who you just didn’t reach out to, and who is waiting for something that you can help them with.

Content is very important and I have other trainings that teach you how to create compelling content. I recommend creating videos and blog posts, and posting content on Facebook wall and your fan page or group.

If you don’t have a blog yet don’t worry I’ll help you create an awesome blog that you’ll love and that will brand you for free.

So once again, don’t overcomplicate things, just follow those 6 steps, and create content on top of it and build your email list, and you will start seeing resuls and making money!

I would love to hear from you, if you found this post helpful please share on Facebook and leave a comment below.

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