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nlpWould you want to have more influence in your marketing communication? Do you want to have more people say yes to your offers? Today I want to share with you very powerful stuff that I learned from Tim Erway, CEO of Elite Marketing Pro, who is persuasion and conversion expert responsible for over $30 Million in online sales. You’re going to learn how to instantly tap into your prospect’s latent psychological triggers to create rapport, establish trust, and communicate your value proposition without resistance. You’ll discover how to instantly boost your influence and supercharge your sales with simple, yet ethical N.L.P. (Neuro Linguistic Programing). I’ll share with you how to plug the “hidden profit leaks” in your business and increase your profits by up to 400% with the same amount of traffic.

Why it’s important to learn this? Because influence and persuasion is much more powerful than traffic. You can get as many eyeballs that you want to your website, but it’s an art and science of knowing how to turn traffic into leads and leads into customers and repeat customers that will not only allow you to stay in business but also to thrive. 

Let me preface and say that some of the stuff I’m going to share with you can be used unethically to manipulate people, and I’m counting on your integrity because if you have a product or a service that you 100% believe in than you must get it into the hands of as many people as possible that will benefit from it and solve their problems, and to do that you need to learn persuasion and influence which is basically leadership. You need to learn how to lead people, how to influence people, it’s the highest paid skill in the world. The better you are at it, the more money you will make. The medium doesn’t matter, in written form it’s called copywriting, when you are on video it’s what you say, how you say it, the voice inflection you have, the posture, the body language, everything matters. 


Storytelling is powerful

If you want to become an influencer than you must learn how to tell compelling stories. If you notice good internet marketers tell stories all the time, because stories go straight into our subconscious mind, they are perceived as true, they are compelling and when skillfully told it’s really hard for the untrained ear to hear that a sales has been made. Stories sell better than anything else. You can tell stories of how your life sucked before using a product, then you had an epiphany and a turning point the moment you discovered X and then you start using Y. There is so much to learn about storytelling, I’m telling you I’ve heard Daegan Smith, a very respected internet marketer who made millions online, shared in one of his trainings that he has a storytelling coach! WOW. Can you belive it, a storytelling coach! 

People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their enemies.

Those 27 words are extremely powerful. It condenses all the wisdom about persuasion in 1 sentence. My friend Shaqir Hussyin did a whole webinar around this sentence alone. Read this sentence again. And again. Then go and find out more about Blair Warren. I actually have an ebook for you that Blair has written where he explains the power of those 27 words. Click on one the social buttons below to unlock immediate access to this powerful ebook.

Open Loops 

Advanced internet marketers use open loops all the time. In a moment I’m going to share something really cool with you, it’s called embedded commands, but before I do that let me talk about… See that’s an example of an open loop. Your mind cannot take it to have incomplete information, it’s begging and curious to know the answer. TV soap operas use it all the time. You can use as many open loops as you want in your marketing, but make sure you close them all. Use open loops in your email to lead to open your next email…,

Future Pacing

Get people to image and dream about the results they want in the future. Use assumptive language. For example, “when you get into the member’s area,  you see clearly how many training options you have to improve your skills” or “When you become a part of our team, you are going to get all the help and support that you need to grow your business” or something like that. 

Pacing and leading

This is when you state a couple of things that are true facts, something that your prospects will sure agree on, and then the tendency will be much higher for them to accept your next statement, where you want to take their imagination. For example you are in the middle of the webinar and you say “You are registered for this webinar (true), you are watching it right now (true), clearly you want more wealth and you want more freedom in your life so learning how to influence people is the most important skill that you can possibly learn, this is why you are smart to commit to mastering this skill”. Or “You are reading my blog post right now (true), you want to make more money online (true),  clearly you want more freedom in your life (true) so learning internet marketing skills by subscribing to my newsletter is what will allow you to realize your dreams faster than yu thought possible. 

Linking Phrases

Linking to unrelated statements. For example,  you are watching it so by now it’s clear that you must learn how to craft compelling offers to make money online. Or “You want more wealth and more freedom in your life so it just make sense for you to invest in the absolute best marketing training there is, which is why you are smart to be learning more about what’s working now membership”

Embedded Commands 

This is when you give people commands what to do, but not directly, those commands are embedded in the sentences and you are not noticing it even. When you are watching a good sales video you can start noticing it more and more as you become more aware of this stuff. Here is an example and see if you can spot 4 different embedded commands in it:

“Real entrepreneurs say yes, and they say yes to their future, and by now you should probably want to get this because it really does make sense and when you do you can say goodbye to everything that didn’t work for you.”

I bet you couldn’t spot all of them. So here they are – 1) BY NOW – BUY NOW. 2) SAY YES 3) GET THIS 4) GOODBYE – Good Buy

As you master influence and persuasion you can sprinkle more and more of those embedded commands into your sentences to give people suggestions what to do without telling it directly. This is advanced stuff 🙂 

I think it’s enough for this post alone. I might talk more about that if you want in other trainings and blog posts. 

I’m not a persuasion expert, that’s why I learn from people like Tim Erway and watch what’s working now webinars to be on the cutting edge of knowledge about internet marketing, influence and persuasion. By now you should clearly see that successful internet marketers are extremely effective in their communication and obviously if you want to get good at it it’s a good idea to keep reading my blog posts and get the training that I recommend because I have your best interest in mind. So if you don’t have What’s working now membership, get it now, this is not an embedded command, this is just bluntly my recommendation to you 🙂

I’d love to see your comments below on this topic.

Vitaliy Dubinin 

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