5 Things You Must Have To Build A 6-Figure Online Business

Have you ever wondered well how the whole process of Internet Marketing really works, maybe you are brand new on the Internet and you ask yourself how do you make money online as a solo entrepreneur? In today’s 6-Figures Show #350 I’ll simplify it for you and break it down the 5 things that you absolutely MUST have to build a 6-figure business online.¬†

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1. Offer

This is how you are ultimately making money, you have an offer that people can buy, duh Vitaliy ūüôā

Here is what’s important to remember, this offer must be:

  • a high converting offer that can actually help people solve their problems and achieve results ¬†¬†
  • Something that you can generate high residual income with¬†
  • Something that you believe in and can totally stand behind

2. Lead Capture Page 

This is a page where you offer something of value in exchange for people’s name and email address.

Leads are the lifeblood of your business and it’s the most important asset that you have online.

Some people are not going to buy right away what you are offering so you’ll have the ability to follow up with those people, to build relationships and trust, to provide value, to show you are real and educate people how they can solve their problems and then direct people back to your offer. I told you it’s simpler than you might have thought.¬†

I recommend either ClickFunnels or LeadPages to create your capture pages, both of them I use and they are both very good.  

3. Autoresponder

This online tool allows you to collect email addresses of people, manage it all and follow up with your leads so you can provide value, build relationships with thousands of people at the same time via email. 

Via autoresponder you can send broadcast messages that go to all of the people on your email list or you can schedule emails in advance that will be sent in sequence when someone becomes a lead.

I highly recommend that you Aweber as your email autoresponder, that’s the most simple and reliable and I’ve been using it for years.¬†

4. Traffic 

You need to have people visiting your Lead Capture Page, that’s called traffic.¬†

There are many ways to generate traffic, which means eyeballs on your page.

You can use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and all kinds of websites and ways to generate traffic and leads.

I recommend that you master at least one traffic generation strategy in the beginning so you generate 10-30 leads every single day. 

The quality of your traffic and the process you have when people become yuor leads is super important.

One good place that I highly recommend to learn traffic from is inside a platform called MyLeadSystemPro.  

5. Blog 

Your blog is your home on the Internet. It’s what allows you to brand yourself and to generate leads. It’s where you will keep referring people back to build relationships and provide value.¬†

I have made many videos showing you exactly how to set up your blog, why you need it and and how to get started, you can refer to those training below:

How You Can Quickly And Easily Set Up A Professional Blog That Will Brand YOU And Drive Unlimited Amount Of Leads & Sales

Effective Blogging Strategies To Build a 6-Figure Business From Home

Always remember to not see people as dollar signs attached to them. 

Those are real human beings with hearts and souls and dreams and desires and aspirations. 

Treat people well, share yourself fully, be of value, serve people, share stories and inspiration, entertain people and educate people and you will see how big of a difference it makes in your business. 

Here is another awesome training I’ve done that goes into more details:

Discover The 5 Pillars Of A 6-Figure Business Online

Alright hope that you enjoyed this episode and know more about what you need to have to build a 6-Figure online business¬†,¬†feel free to leave me a comment and share with your friends on Twitter and Facebook ūüôā








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