6 Critical Blog Design Tweaks That Make All The Difference Between Being A Broke Blogger And A Wealthy One

Your blog can make you a lot of money, however a lot of people are struggling to turn a profit, despite putting countless hours into it. Part of it because of lack of consistency and the content is not that great. But the biggest thing is that they are not strategic about their blog design. Just because you have a blog and you create posts doesn’t mean you will make money. 

So I’m about to share with you right now the 6 critical blog design tweaks that you can make to get much better returns on your blogging efforts. I learned those from my friend and mentor Ray Higdon, whose blog generates about 600-900 leads per week at this point, with a hundred thousand unique monthly visitors. 

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Blog Design Tweak #1: Put Your Picture In The Blog Header

When people come to your blog, they should immediately see you. It’s very important that you start building your brand online, especially if you are in home based business and network marketing niches. Your blog is a place for people to get value for you, get to know, like and trust you. Your blog is a welcome invitation to your world. So take some good photos of yourself and put them on top of your blog. You can have a tagline, or just have a navigation menu at the top with your name, but it doesn’t matter what blog theme you use, have your picture somewhere at the top.

Blog Design Tweak #2: Have an Awesome Giveaway To Generate Leads

I cannot stress enough this point. The main purpose of your blog is to generate leads. Sure you can have engagement in your blog, and make sales from affiliate commissions here and there, but the main job is to build your email list. 

So make sure that before you start creating good content and promote your blog posts, you have a very strong and attractive free offer in exchange for their email address. It should be something that solves a specific problem for your target audience that they think would be really cool. A big problem they are struggling with that they are desperately searching for a solution for. The more strategic you are about what you give away for free, the better off you will be. 

So create a free training of some kind, an eBook, a checklist, an action plan, bootcamp training, webinar recording, video presentation, there are a lot of options. And then put it on your sidebar on the top. And if you have a separate home page for you blog, put it on your homepage. 

Blog Design Tweak #3: Have a P.S. line 

This is something I haven’t been implementing up until now, and I’m going to do from now on. You will see at the bottom. 🙂 

After you provide great content, at the bottom of your post always have a P.S. line that is congruent with the content and that leads them to a capture page to generate leads, or to a low cost offer, somewhere between $7 – $30. 

This alone will generate you a lot of money with time. People love P.S. lines, people read P.S. lines, it just makes sense. 

Blog Design Tweak #4: Have a Blog Signature 

There a lot of people who will dig your content, love it, but have no idea how to contact you. Make it easy for them to contact you! Include your skype, your email address and your picture. This way people can connect with you immediately, without having to look for any contact forms or your social media icons. 

Blog Design Tweak #5: Put pictures in blog posts

This is another big one. Your blog post without pictures is boring. Add pictures, add videos, make it more engaging and eye appealing. Make the pictures relevant too. Make sure YOU create the pictures, or you download them from a stock photo site, to avoid copyright issues. Here is a great tool I use to create awesome custom pictures in minutes. 

Blog Design Tweak #6: Have congruency in your blog posts

It’s not so much of a blog design, as it is of strategically what content you put out there. If you try to target completely unrelated niches with your blog it won’t work. Your blog should be focused on 1 niche only, and become the expert in this niche.  

So are you going to implement it? Comment below and let me know, feel free to share this with your friends. 

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