The 5 Laws Of Running Successful Webinars And Ninja Tricks I Learned From My Millionaire Mentors

Are you maximizing the results with your webinars? Today I’m going to share with you 5 laws of running a successful webinar that I learned from Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins, they made millions and millions of dollars online running webinars. If you don’t know why webinars is the best way to market online by the way then catch up here on my previous blog post.  
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Law #1 – The Law Of Maximum Registrations

It’s all about how to maximize the amount of people who actually register for your webinar.  You have a registration page and there is so many things that you can do to increase your opt-in ratio. The best way to double the conversions and the ROI on your webinars is not to double your webinar effectiveness, it’s to double how many people actually register for the webinar.

You have 5 Seconds To Grab Their Curiosity

If they don’t immediately go in their mind “Whaaat!!?” it’s interesting, I’m curious to learn this, I have this pain and problem and it seems like you can solve it, you got my attention…then you didn’t do a good job on your registration page. 

Once you captured their attention, you can then have an opportunity to transform them, educate them, and really be this leader that they have been looking for. Remember their ATTENTION is always the most valuable asset you have, if people give you their attention. 

It’s all about a great HEADLINE

Your headline is one of the MOST important elements on the page. It’s what makes or breaks your webinar. It’s the USP of your webinar, the uniqueness that you offer. 

I teach in depth here how to craft the title of your webinar, your headline, your hook to pull in leads. 

There are many headline formulas that you can use, in fact you can read a blog post of mine where I shared 19 Time Tested High Converting Headline Formulas That Will Increase Conversions On Your Landing Pages And Ads  but here are a couple you can use:


This is where you juxtapose two very different and sometimes conflicting and incongruent ideas. For example “How to lose 30 pounds in 30 days without exercising” by taking this pill right… People want the RESULT but they don’t want to work too hard for it.

You want to defy conventional wisdom, saying something that goes against what they’ve been told or heard.

Be detailed so they can visualize the outcome vividly.

Example: “How to reduce your body fat percentage by 4% by eating delicious chocolate chips cookies” – people don’t want to deprive themselves of the cookies (that’s bad) but want to reduce body fat (good).

Example: “How to generate 20+ leads a day and sponsor 2-5 people per week without cold calls, chasing friends and family or pestering strangers on the streets”

HEADLINE FORMULA #2 – How I/we/company/person of interest [achieved an awesome outcome] [while burdened with a massive disadvantage]

Here you can show them that they can have their desired outcome achieved even if they are in a situation that it seems like there is no easy solution.

Like for example Nick Vujicic has no arms and no legs but still he is living a rich and abundant life.

Example: “How I Fired My Boss And Made $101,672 Online In 12 Months Starting With $10K In Debt And Poor English” which is true for ma by the way.

Example: “How I got hired as a top consultant in fortune 500 firm without graduating formal high school”

Example: “Dead Broke Burned Out Dad Goes from $10K in DEBT with a Soul-Crushing Job to Earning Over $12,087.50 Per Month Online – Plus Total Job Freedom – in Just 5 Months” – This one is true for me as well. 

HEADLINE FORMULA #3 – For the [prospect in pain] how to [live the dream] starting with [low magnitude change/activity/situation]

Example: “For the Busy Mom: how to quickly cook healthy meals your children will love without ever turning on the oven”

All moms are pretty much busy and it will talk to them, they want to quickly cook food that is healthy AND that her children will love, without doing something complicated.

Example: “For Struggling Network Marketer: How To Effortlessly Sponsor 15-30 People Per Month And Make $10K+ Every Month Without Spending Money On Ads”

The #1 mistake people make on webinar landing pages is they are talking too much about the webinar itself. People are not interested in this. 
The purpose of your webinar registration page is to CAPTURE THE LEAD. 
Identify with their pain and show them that you have a cure for their pain. It’s all about them. 
Promise them a FREE gift, a Freemium, a PDF report, Process map, checklist, mind map,  video tutorials, something that they will get when they register for the webinar. 
This way you are also encouraging them to attend the webinar! BOOM 🙂
Make it specific to the promise of the webinar. Engineer the FREEMIUM and the webinar to complement each other!
The freemium preframes the webinar, key questions created by the freemium are answered on the webinar.  You can create an open loop in the freemium so they want to attend your webinar. 
Name And Codify – Name your process and your system and make it numbered STEPS, ways… This creates a LOT of curiosity and they will not say “Ohh I already know that” 
Solve one problem with a Big Bold Promise you make. 
Ask yourself – Is that my best headline?
Create bullet points that invoke curiosity. 
Create Urgency and immediacy – This is a special live event. Let them know that they need to be there live. It can change their life.
More training for you on how to maximize registration page conversions:

Law #2 – The Law Of MAXIMUM Attendance or Show Rate

This is all about how you can get the people who register to actually attend the webinar.
There is a period of time from the moment they register to the moment they actually show up live to the event.
What you can do to increase the show up ratio?
If you can do this right, you can expect to get 60% show up ratio.
There is a 4-part indoctrination strategy that can increase your show up ratio. 
What you can do is have an email follow-up of at least 4 emails. Those can be just emails or emails leading to your videos and blog posts.
Have an email sent to them and explain to them: this is the pain they have, this is the outcome they can have. There are so many awesome testimonials from people. There is going to be an awesome information that you’re going to deliver in the webinar.
Remind them to book this webinar, schedule it, put it on their forehead, make sure they show up because you’re going to teach them something that can change their life. You want to follow-up and get the most people to attend the live event.  There’s a lot of things you can do here. 
You need to put your attendee in a ready to buy state of excitement! 
Each one of the messages is designed to intensify the desire to attend the webinar
Message #1 – Indoctrination
Codify the benefits of the webinar topic.
Say to them – “You will learn how to BE in a better situation than they are right now…”
It’s ALL about VALUE. 
You don’t want to talk about the journey, you want to talk about the destination. 
Say to them that they will no longer suffer from X.
Tell them that you will resolve the pain with a technique called X. 
Share the most powerful benefit that your product offers.
Message #2 – Reasons Why
Talk about the outcomes other viewers had once they received the benefits of the information in the webinar. 
Share case study of success. Share how their first effort resulted in failure, but they adopted technique X that you reveal in the webinar, and this is what happened – RESULTS.
Message #3 – Surprise
Announce an important update
What new and exciting information will be delivered on the webinar?
The information directly relates to the prospects KEY PAIN POINTS or KEY PLEASURE ENHANCEMENTS.
Message #4 – Starting Now
This is where you will sell the click to the link and get them to the webinar itself.
Restate the first 3 communications in short bullet points. 
There is no time left to decide to attend or not at this point cause it’s starting now! 
In the PS of the message mention you will be answering Q & A
NINJA TIP – Start Training Immediately on the thank you page!!! – Give them a video, audio, PDF or mindmap of something related to the webinar, but it has to peak their interest, and not make them feel they don’t need to attend. 
Ethical Bribery to showing up – Promise something that will be given away at the start of the webinar for those who attend early and at the end for those who stay till the end. 
The sneak-peek – Send out the PDF the day before, Tell them what they will learn and that there will be an offer “This webinar is not for everyone, it’s for people who want to XYZ with their life. And if you are one of those people I have something special to offer you after the training”
Bonus Tip  – Send late breaking news email – “the secret tip that will only be live and not on the replay” – send 1 day before. 
Say This particular tip is something that will be overused if everyone is doing this. It’s something that I’m only going to reveal LIVE. I’ll edit this in replay. 

Law #3 – The Law Of MAXIMUM Engagement or Stick Rate

This is all about how do you get people to actually stick through the entire webinar, which may be 60-120 minutes long. There’s a lot of things you can do in this area.
Get attendees engaged early and often. Use polls, chat and Q & A. Introduce yourself and welcome people to the webinar. Have them participate. Show lots of ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM! 
This is where you will make a huge promise to them. This alone can have a lot of people stick through the entire webinar.
Telegraph your offer but do it right – get permission that you will share something at the end that can change everything for them and it’s not for everyone, and then earn it with your content.  
The Reward Promise – Offer attendees a Freemium just for attending the webinar and sticking through to the end.  You’ll deliver the FREEMIUM during the webinar Q & A!!!

This must be a real world value.  It shouldn’t conflict with the webinar offer. It should be related and congruent but not competing. 
Explain the bonus immediately after you introduce yourself. 
Don’t be boring. How engaging you are, how much you care, how you conduct the whole presentation really is going to affect how long the people are going to keep engaged. This is something you want to work on. Being engaging, being entertaining and showing them something cool.

Law #4 – The Law Of The Perfect Offer 

This is actually how you can structure your webinar itself so that you will get results, a.k.a sales.  In the webinar there’s a lot of things you can do in this area.

One of the most important things you can do is share a story. Start with a real struggle, real pain that you went through.

How did you even got to the situation that was so painful? Share how it was so frustrating and how you finally had an epiphany and you discovered something.

You start teaching them about the mistakes that you’ve made and all the things that you’ve learned along the way. Actually teaching them and informing them and educating them. Showing them and helping them believe what they need to believe in order to accept your solution.

Actually being an expert and showing your expertise in this area. You don’t need to have a boastful bio and spit it off the slide: I’ve achieved that, I’ve made $60,000 in six months, look at me, blah blah blah…

What you want to do is share all of it through a story. 

For example: “I remember a time when I was working for $6/hour being a bank teller. It was so frustrating. I wanted to kill myself it was so boring. It was so embarrassing to go, for example, working at the local supermarket and approaching strangers to sell them a visa super card, again for a minimal pay. I barely had money to pay for the rent or to feed the kids, let alone go to restaurants or buy fancy clothes or vacations. Forget about that. We were in debt and money was really tight. You can imagine how I felt when I finally, after working for hours and hours and hours and hours every single day on my online business with no results, how I finally opened an email and saw my first commission on the internet. Then things started to speed up a little bit. Now there’s no one day that I don’t make at least $200 every single day. Some days I earn $5,000+ in a day. But it was not always like that, right? So you want to share a story in a compelling way in a webinar.

Open Loops – “You’re going to learn all of those, let’s start with number 1 on the list” and “I Promise to show you this but first…” 
Before And After – Show the results of taking action with the information, and the consequences for NOT applying the information or even taking the special offer 
What if everything I told you today is true, what if you put your trust in me? What happens if you don’t take action? Can you really expect anything to be any different than it currently is right now? 
There is a benefit of taking action, there is a consequence of inaction…
Recap the Value – Many people don’t pay attention, this is how you transition to your close by showing what they learned and asking them if they liked it. 
Establish Credibility – Your story should let them know who you are and why they should listen to you. 
1. At the beginning life was hard…
2. You decided to make a change, because…
What tipping point or inciting event did you reach?
What do you think would have happened if you didn’t make this proposed change? 
What was at stake? 
Articulate the consequences of doing nothing or doing the same. 
3. On the road to discovery and change I learned these critical things 
What helped you understand why you were in pain?
What hints and clues led you to start creating change?
What incorrect information did you discover? Myths, call out the misinformation
4. This is how I applied what I learned and this is what happened when I did.
This is a new day in the life for you.
How did you mess up and fixed it and do it right. 
Emphasize you are human. 
What were your RESULTS of doing things differently. 
You don’t have to win the war, but you need to show that you won some battles.  Be very specific of your results. 
Summarize what is it like to do it right, mentally, emotionally, physically. 
5. This is my system and this is how it can work for you. 
How did your journey all led up to this system? 
What is your system designed to do for the viewer?
Who is the system for?
How will they use the system? 
Make them comfortable that you got it figured out. 
Make it easy for them to do the action.
Begin with the end in mind – If you did all the steps so far, you won’t have to sell. They will want to buy before you even make the offer. 
Ensuring Success With Bonuses – make the bonus the reason to buy, not the product. Let people buy just for the bonus being so good… Design your bonuses to overcome objections – Your product create objections for your customers that if they didn’t buy, they will not have those problems. 
Ask what objections my customers have now that I can take care of with bonuses? 
Urgency and Scarcity – If it’s a special than it must expire and only be for a certain amount of people. 
Living In The Promise Land – You need to make absolutely certain that attendee can visualize and see and feel themselves WITH THE RESULT they want after actually using your product. 
Focus on the results and the benefits and the benefits after the benefit, real benefits. 

Law #5 – The Law Of The Follow Up 

When you’re actually done with the webinar, it’s not enough. You want to follow-up with people, send them messages. Let them know this webinar was cool, it was a hit. So many people loved it.

Look at all these testimonials. I posted the questions that I answered on the webinar, here’s the deadline before I remove the replay. Stuff like that. You want to follow-up so the most people will actually see the replay of the webinar.

Make sure you RECORD the webinar. 

Follow up message #1 – Webinar was a HUGE HIT!

If you missed it, here is what people were saying.. (show testimonials)
Here is the recording but please note that the recording will be archived and unavailable so watch it now!
Follow up message #2 – Amazing questions 
Here are the top 3 questions I got on the webinar and share with them…
Follow up message #3 – Last Call 
Let them know that the response has been terrific, the system and the recording of the webinar is coming to end…tomorrow will be too late. 

Click NOW and watch the replay and take action. 


Webinars is the best way to market anything online. 

If you master those 5 laws – Get the most people to register, get the most people to attend, get the most people to stick through the webinar and actually see the offer and maximize your follow up after the webinar is over, you will get tremendous results with webinars. 

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Alright hope you enjoyed this episode and if so leave me a comment below and feel free to share with your friends. Let me know if you have any questions about running webinars. 








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