5 Tips To Get Your New Team Members Started, Taking Action & Producing Results + Increase Team Duplication & Retention

All of the work you have put in, all of the lead generation, marketing, money you have spent to have this new team member it’s just the beginning. 

If this person doesn’t know exactly what are the next steps, if he is not taking action, if he is not plugged in to the community, culture & team meetings, if he is not buying the courses and next level education he needs to grow his business, if he feels alone and unmotivated because of lack of help and support, then all of your time and money is wasted.

Because your goal is not just to get somebody in and started on your team. Your goal is not even to get this person to upgrade to the highest package in the company. Your goal is to have a person that is COMMITTED to build this with you, someone that is self-motivated and have a big dream and a vision, someone who is going to be a team player and an active and contributing part of the team and the community.

The greatest and best lead you have is your business partner. There are leads that are sitting in your autoresponder, looking from aside, reading your emails, following you on social media, and there are your CUSTOMERS and business builders who took action and entrusted in YOU to help them accomplish their goals and live a dream lifestyle.  So treat them well, with love, respect and care!

Video: 5 Tips To Get Your New Team Members Started, Taking Action & Producing Results

Tip #1 – Create A New Welcome Email + Welcome Video

The moment someone becomes a new team member, add his email to your team list and the first welcome in your autoresponder immediately goes out. BOOM! 

Create a message of something along the lines of “Hey, welcome to the XYZ team, I’m your sponsor and I’m super excited that you have just made a life-changing decision to get started with us.  I’m very committed to lead you well and guide you to start making $10K+ a month so that you can WIN YOUR FREEDOM! This email contains VERY crucial information to your success and your next steps, so read carefully and take action! You are now part of a family and you are going to get ongoing support, coaching and mentoring and we are committed to help you become free, you just need to do YOUR part and SHOW UP and take action.”

Then give them the exact steps they need to do and direct them to a page with YOUR welcome video. 

It’s important that you have a welcome video because you need to tell people what to do, preferably visually so they can see and know EXACTLY what they should do! Here is step 1, 2, 3 etc. 

Also being on video accomplishes 2 other things. You build relationships fast with new team member, it helps foster TRUST and connection with you, and you establish yourself as an authority and a LEADER in your team members eyes. 

Tip #2 – Connect On Facebook and Add Them To a Facebook Team Group 

Whatever your lead generation strategy has been, whether YouTube, solo ads or Instagram or whatever, make sure you are connected on Facebook so that you can communicate with this person effectively and get them the help and support they need. So on your page with a welcome video you can put below the video a link to connect with you on Facebook if they are not friends already. 

Also you definitely want to add them to a Facebook Team group. This is the place you will welcome new team members and have everyone chime in and welcome them aboard, it’s a place for team communication and questions and answers. If you don’t have a team group, then start one today! It’s hard to build everything from scratch, or you can leverage an existing group like what we have on our team and have a super active group from day 1, where your new team members will see 20-30 people a day is being added and welcomed.

Tip #3 – Create a Fast Start PDF and Plug Them Into A Team Site

In this fast start PDF you want to have all the crucial information, all the important steps and links to help people get started and know what times are the training and coaching, what to do next and how they can start earning money as soon as possible.

I recommend you have a PDF in ADDITION to the welcome video. Some people are visual and like to read and also have a reference they can have with them at all times. Plus it duplicates easier when you have a fast start PDF for your team.

Each new team member doesn’t have to be a broken record, create a video or explain everything one on one, when a good and effective PDF can do all this work and more efficiently.

Most importantly though, you want to have a TEAM SITE and plug people into it!

Your team site is your main place and hub that contains the DNA of the exact steps people need to go through very clearly.

This is the place also to provide value and add necessary training to empower people of how they can win and how they can get results NOW.

This team site should be created by the highest leaders in the team and frankly it can replace the PDF and the welcome video although I don’t recommend you skip those 2 suggestions. You should have all 3 elements.

On our Pipeline Prosperity Alliance we show people first how to get results now and how to profit now and we teach them simple things that work and duplicate extremely well ( we sponsored 232 people in the last 20 days doing this ) , then we introduce them to more complicated and next level marketing strategies. 

Tip #4 – Create A Team Mastermind 

Every week you should have a team mastermind, a team training. This is part of the culture of the team. Here is what you need to do specifically on those team masterminds:
– The first 12-15 minutes should be spent welcoming new team members and giving them onscreen instructions on how to get moving in their business. You need to remind them of the basics and fundamentals, like going through the team site and doing the steps, otherwise they will not do it. 
– Talk about the vision and the purpose of the team. You want to be UNIFIED as a team with one common VISION that everyone knows about and show people leadership that we are going places. On our Alliance our vision is to FREE at least 100 families a year to total financial freedom. 
– Take 5 minutes to share updates and show leader boards to honor team members that are having breakthroughs. It’s very important that you edify the leaders and also show people that new team members are succeeding! Share the story of a new guy that comes in and crushes it. That’s what inspires people to do the work necessary to get the same awesome results leaders are getting.
– Take at least 30 minutes to teach them value. Show them simple stuff they can do to get results. Coach them of what they need to do. You can bring up and coming leaders to train ( must get results and be involved fully to train )
– Promote the NEXT event – so important that you don;t waste your time and while people are listening promote the next team meeting and the next live event of the company. Always promote the next event! Otherwise you need to create a whole new marketing pieces from scratch instead of just promoting the next event! 
– Provide Q and A for your team. Allow people to ask questions to the leaders. 
– Conclude by reminding them their next actions and promoting the next event. 
And of course send a replay to your team.

Tip #5- Conduct A Fast Start Coaching Session

Connect with people one on one. If you haven’t talked personally on the phone or skype with your new team member you definitely should do that! 
Why and what you should say? 
You do that for many different reasons. You want to convey the VISION that you have and the VISION of the team and also stretch this person VISION of what he has in mind. 
Your job is to be a DREAM BUILDER. You want to have people believe more in themselves and in the vision and stretch their vision of what is possible for them. 
You also want to see what is this person CORE DESIRE. Why they are in the business in the first place and what is the pain they want to move out from and what is their real goal. 
Next you want to find out how serious and committed they really are so that you can see how much time and attention you will give to this person. 
When you have an abundance of team members then you don’t really possibly have time to dedicate to each person and you definitely don’t have the time to hold their hand. 
You need to see how is really serious and who WANTS to do this business and build big and you also want to judge ultimately by RESULTS. 
The more successful you are, the higher the demands will be for what it takes to talk to you personally. 
Then you want to reinforce everything that is in the team site and and the PDF and tell people what they need to do to be successful. 
So there you have it, those are my top tips how to get your new team members started and plugged in and taking action they need to take to produce results and how you can have your team duplicating! 
Hope that you will implement those strategies for your team! If you got value feel free to comment below and share with your friends. 







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