5 Steps To Defining Your Target Market That Will Help You With Any Paid Advertising You Do

Defining your target market, who is that you want to market to, is a critical first step that a lot of home business entrepreneurs don’t spend much thinking time on and as a result their marketing messages suck, they spend too much money on advertising which is not effective and it’s just painful to see. I don’t want you to lose money. Remember that NOT everybody wants what you have. Not even close to it. You want to find the people who will scream with excitement because they found your offer!

I like the way that Mark Harbert, a friend of mine and a really good marketer, breaks down the 5 steps to defining your target market, so here you go:  

Step 1:  Create a wish list of who you want to do business with

businessSo it’s very important that you define who is your perfect customer? Are they males or females, or both? What are their pain points, their needs, their frustrations? Where do they hang out typically? How old they are? What are their goals and motivations?

In my niche, which is home based business, network marketing and affiliate marketing, I know exactly who am I targeting with the different offers I have. For example I know that a lot of people are struggling with generating leads online. They don’t know how to build their brand and web presence. They are struggling with converting leads into sales and business partners. They are losing money on advertising. 

For the blogging service that I do, where I build a free custom blog, my perfect audience is someone who is network marketing or affiliate marketing, he understands the power of branding yourself on the internet, he is investing in himself constantly, he is confused about technology part of building websites and he is glad that somebody will do a done for you service for him.  

2.  Get clear on what you want to sell

What is that you want to sell? Is it your business products? Is it your business opportunity? Is it tools and training? Is it systems like MyLeadSystemPro system that helps with lead generation and conversions? Is it an affiliate product?

You have to be very clear about what you want to sell and what the product does for them. 

3.  Describe your customers world view

Here you want to put your empathy hat on and walk into your customer shoes. What is your customers perspective? What do they want? What is important to them?What are their interests? What can it help them to achieve? What concerns do they have? What is the problem they desperately want to solve?

The more clear you are about the their thought process, the easier it’s going to be to speak their language in your marketing which is the next point. 

4.  What is your customers language?

What terminology do they use in their specific niche? What words and phrases do they use? In internet marketing they use words like: build your list, conversions, email marketing, return on investment, cost per lead, cost per sale, traffic, targeted visitor, etc. In network marketing it is Downline, Upline, MLM, sponsor, recruiter etc.

5.  Synchronize your product with their needs

Now think about your offer and think about their needs. Does the customer fit your product? Is what you have unique? Are you narrowed down? What is the language they speak again? The more detailed you get with it, the better the results.

I hope you will take the time to answer those questions for yourself, because how can you without it craft a great sales funnel? How can you know what to say in your marketing? 

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