5 Step Blueprint To Build A 6-Figure Business From Home (All Top Earners Follow It…)

There is a 5 step blueprint that all top earners, all top leaders that you admire follow to build a 6-figure business from home  and today I’m going to share it with you. It doesn’t matter whether you are building a network marketing company, direct sales, affiliate marketing or top tier, it’s time to get the truth out and show you exactly how you too start playing at this level when you apply those 5 steps.
You can start following this blueprint even if you are brand new, I saw how it transformed people’s lives, school teachers, stay at home moms, broke students and musicians, corporate workers and engineers, it doesn’t matter where you are coming from, you can absolutely learn this stuff, you have the potential to make 6 figures if you follow those 5 steps. 
It certainly transformed my life, I went from being a broke student with no list, no internet marketing experience just 12 months ago being in debt with 2 small children to feed with no money to my name, to winning affiliate contests, making commissions on a daily basis and being recognized as the #10 top producer in MLSP, the largest attraction marketing and lead generation system online for home business entrepreneurs, among tens of thousands of affiliates.  
So if you want to be with your kids, if you want a freedom lifestyle and live on your terms, travel around the world and make a difference, pay close attention:

5 Step Blueprint To Build A 6-Figure Business From Home (Watch Video)

 Watch Brian Fanale, Million Dolar Earner And Co-Founder Of MLSP Share In Depth The 5 Step Blueprint To Build A Six Figure Business


Step 1 – Brand YOURSELF 

You want to brand yourself, not your MLM company upfront. There are literally over 4,000+ MLM companies out there and some top tier companies, they come and go, but that’s not what people buy.
You can have the most amazing compensation plan, the best leaders, awesome products, but none of it really matters. 
What people buy is YOU and your story,  they want to see that they will win by joining forces with you, that you are the guy or girl who will help them achieve their goals, that you have their back, that you will guide them and you know what you are talking about.  
Success has very little to do with the MLM company itself. People join leaders, people they respect and trust, so you must begin branding yourself if you want to break free.
You want to step up and put your voice into the marketplace. That’s what your prospects will be attracted to and why they will join you.
If you will do a great job at branding yourself and strategically positioning yourself in the marketplace, by the value you provide, then people will come to you and they want to be part of what you are doing.  

Step 2 – Get Traffic, Give Value And Build Your List 

It’s critical that you build your email list and build relationships with people on your list so they will get to know, like and trust you. 
Your business is really your list of prospects and customers, that is your business. All you need is 5-10 quality leads every day to build a 6 figure business. 
To build your list you want to give away something valuable, something that they want, something that will solve their problems. 
I understand if you are saying Vitaliy but how can I create value and build my list if I don’t have results yet. I hear ya…
You don’t have to create your own capture page, information products and training videos. You can start leveraging TODAY done for you campaigns, funnels, capture pages that give away tremendous amounts of value and allow you to build YOUR list.  

>>> Just watch this 19 minute video training showing you in depth the 5 steps blueprint and how to apply it TODAY in your business <<<<


Step 3 – Follow Up Like A Pro

It’s a myth that you can sit behind your computer and set up funnels and let them run on autopilot generating you cash without you talking to people, at least not when you are fairly new to the home business industry. 
The fortune is in the follow up, you want to follow up in any possible way, be email, by phone and connect. 
Just pick up the phone and serve people.
Stop focusing on making sales and focus on creating a new friend, serving and providing value
Be genuinely interested in them, their pains, frustrations, struggles, desires, goals and what drives them to succeed.
I’m going to do a webinar soon where I will elaborate on how to effectively follow up on the phone.
I use CRM, customer relationships manager for high touch follow up and I found it invaluable in my business. 

Step 4  – Sell Products 

All top leaders sell more than just their MLM or top tier business. They sell products, whether their own or other people’s products, they offer coaching and they earn multiple streams of income.

their company income is just a small part of the overall money to be made, and you want to serve more people and give them tools and training that they need to build a successful business from home. 

There are many products that you can sell, teaching mindset, lead generation, prospecting, tools, hosting and the list goes on and on, and you can get from 30% up to 100% in commissions. 

You don’t have to create the products, watch this in depth 19 minute video and learn exactly how you can sell other people’s products or even let the system sell them for you which is the coolest part ever 🙂 

Step 5 – Host Live Webinars And Hangouts Or Leverage Other People’s Webinars

Webinars are the best way to connect with your leads and followers regularly, it’s the greatest leverage of your time.

Every top earner host live webinars, whether to promote their MLM company or to sell a product or to offer coaching. 

Webinars are the best way to sell anything, it converts better than any sales video you can create. It’s live, it’s interactive. 

You can create webinars and hangouts from time to time where you don’t sell anything and just provide value and create good will. That’s always a great thing to do. 

You can invite people to webinars that other people host, building your list and make commissions doing that, I will show you how to do it. 

So those are the five steps that every top earner follow and you can start doing it TODAY! 🙂

>>> Just watch this 19 minute video training showing you in depth the 5 steps blueprint and how to apply it TODAY in your business <<<<

I’ve put together for you a series of interviews with top leaders that you can watch here and hear their stories how they have been using those 5 steps to CRUSH it in their home business, and how you can too. 

I hope that you will apply those 5 steps and see tremendous growth in your home business revenue.

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    Love it… MLSP is a great tool for building your brand, getting leads, building your MLM business and making some money… Vitaliy you rock…