5 Core Elements Of A Profitable 6-Figure Online Business [DIS #301]

Are you stuck in information overload? You see it coming to you at all different angles, you are bombarded with it, you see different people you follow do different things online, and you wonder how YOU should build your business, what is YOUR path?
Don’t worry today I’ll simplify it all for you and break it down for you the 5 essential core elements that all the highest paid online marketers have in place as the foundation of their six and seven figure online businesses. 
This information is not earth shattering and ground breaking, there is nothing new under the sun, the formula for building an online business if simplified comes down to this:
1)  BUILD an audience (email list, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, periscope, etc)
2) ENGAGE with your audience (By providing value, entertainment, stories, asking questions etc.)
3) SELL to your audience 
What are the details how to do it? Well, that’s why you need to put on your STUDY and IMPLEMENTATION hats and FIGURE IT OUT! I can point you in the right direction and guide you along the process, but you’ll need to put in the work. 
I want to say thanks to my buddy Norbert Orlewitz, highly successful online marketer for coming up with those 5 core elements and I want to share it with you because it’s so critically important!

DIS #301:  5 Core Elements Of A Profitable 6-Figure Online Business


Core Element #1 – Content Creation 

Are you creating and sharing content on a regular basis? Are you putting your value into the marketplace? Are you teaching and engaging with your audience? If NOT, you are missing a HUGE piece of the puzzle.
Your content, your message, your voice, your stories, your vision, your unique value is how you ATTRACT visitors to you, it’s how you ENGAGE them, it’s how you GENERATE LEADS, it’s how you CONVERT SALES, it’s how you create upsells.
Content is KEY and the foundation to your online business success?
It comes in many different forms and flavors:
1) Blog Posts 
2) Videos 
3) Emails You Write 
4) Social Media Posts 
5) Webinars
6) Podcasts
7) Periscopes 
8) Products 
Putting a picture of inspiration once in a while on Facebook doesn’t cut it. Are you creating solid good content, videos and blog posts at least 3 times a week? 
Now don’t just throw out there a blog post every day for the sake of throwing out a blog post. Don’t just shoot a video. Don’t just write an email. 
Your content has to be strategic and always has a purpose. You need to know why you are creating it and for whom you are creating it, otherwise it’s a waste. 
It should be all tied together nicely with all the rest of your marketing, with your brand and online presence. 
Now in the past creating a blog was HARD. It was a big obstacle for people to figure out all the technical aspects and it could have takes 6-months. 
Today it’s EASY! You have many options! With MLSP Sites you can easily set up a blog that will brand you in just a couple of clicks, then follow the tutorials and VOILA you will have an amazing blog with ton of ways to generate leads that will truly brand you and be customizable. 
You will be able to design your blog in no time and other people will think you hired a professional designer. Add to it super fast servers, ton of premium themes and 89+ built in plugins you would have to pay $3K a year if you were to do it on your own,  awesome security, and hundreds of tutorials, now there are NO EXCUSES. You can create an awesome blog like other 6 and 7 figure marketers online. 
Another option I recommend is Kalatu Premium Brand Station. It’s easy to and fast to set and has everything you need to build a profitable blog. Plus you will get our Pipeline Prosperity Alliance with it. We are six and seven figure online marketers with a passion and vision to FREE at least 100 families a year to financial freedom. 
More Training on Content Creation: 

Core Element #2 –  Lead Generation 

Leads are the lifeblood of your business. 
You can build an audience on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, but your email list is still your most valuable business asset.
To build your email list you need to have a LEAD MAGNET, a free giveaway in exchange for their email address. 
It needs to be something very good, something your target prospects you want to attract really want. This is KEY, you want specific people on your list who are attracted to specific marketing message and what you promise to give them. 
You don’t want just anyone on your email list. Craft a giveaway that your target market really wants and they will gladly give you their email address. 
Are you generating 20-50 leads every day to your business? If not, than you need to work on your lead generation strategy. 
It’s best when you design your own giveaway, however with that said you need to know what you are doing, have proven results and most people don’t. 
You can easily start using MLSP lead magnets to attract your ideal prospects to you, especially if you are in the network marketing, direct sales and home business niche, or you can design your own funnels if you are more advanced.  
More Training On Lead Generation: 

Core Element #3 – Follow Up & Engagement Strategy 

An Effective follow up strategy is critical to create conversions and sales. Most people leave at LEAST 50% of the money on the table by not following up properly. You gotta build rapport, authority and trust in the process. 
Follow up is much more than just a simple auto-responder 7 days canned email sequence. First of all most people don’t know how to effective craft a follow up sequence, it’s a science and an art. Second of all it’s just ONE form of follow up. 
Follow up can be in the form of ONGOING fresh email broadcasts to share valuable content, your videos and blog posts. 
Follow up in the form of WEBINARS that you are going to host or invite to webinars others host. If you want to increase your business revenue definitely follow up with more webinars. I recommend this training if you want to master webinars. 
Follow up in the form of picking up the phone and actually talking to your leads. Do you know that by making real connection with your leads and offering them one on one guidance can increase your sales dramatically? Sometimes people have been following you and they need one phone call with you just to get them over the edge and join your team. Calling leads is an art and science in and of itself and I teach it. 
One thing that has been VERY helpful to me is having a CRM – Customer Relationships Manager – where I store all of the conversations I’m having with my leads and then schedule follow ups. 
More Training On Follow Up: 

Core Element #4 – Monetization Strategy

If you just have 1 product, one business opportunity you promote, it’s NOT a monetization strategy. You’ve got to have multiple streams of income, multiple ways to generate revenue for your business if you want to build a 6-figure business. 

You want to have a variety of offers that you promote and stand 100% behind, something YOU personally use of course. Never promote something you don’t personally use and believe in.
Starting from low cost front end offers of $7, $10, $17 etc. and then going up to $97, $197, $497, $1,000, $5,000 etc. as people climb the VALUE LADDER. More pricey products, more value.
You want to have tools in your arsenal that you recommend to people, like an autoresponder or capture page creator, different types of software you use, additional info-products, coaching, training events, mastermind retreats, done-for-you services, upsells. There are MANY things that you can offer. 
You want to have one time purchase products, high ticket products, as well as monthly recurring subscriptions of people paying month after month to create residual income, which is called continuity revenue.  This can be in addition to your MLM and primary business opportunity cause most like it doesn’t provide for you all of those. I highly recommend that you use MLSP to multiply your profits as you can find a variety of additional products that serve people in the network marketing, home business niche and also because of the ongoing value and usability people stay members for a long time providing you with residual income that you desire.  
More Training On Monetization:

Core Element #5 – Traffic 

Traffic comes last here on the list, not because it’s not crucially important…but because if you don’t have all the other 4 essential elements in place then all the traffic in the world will not help you! 
Lack of traffic is usually not the problem. The problem is that you don’t create the right content, you don’t know how to engage your audience, you don’t have very powerful monetization strategy in place, you don’t have strong lead magnets and follow up in place.
If you have a proper business VEHICLE, you can purchase traffic for a profit, no problems! 
More Training On Traffic:
There you have it, 5 essential core elements of a profitable online business laid out for you. 
If you ever wonder how to build a 6-figure online business, what is the formula, it’s right there. Focus on those 5 elements and you will prosper my friend. 
Hope that you are going to APPLY those 5 core elements in YOUR business! If you got value feel free to comment below and share with your friends. 







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  • Julie Syl Kalungi

    November 30, 2015

    Energy jumping out at me from your vlog Vitaliy. I sure enjoyed your video and you shares super content! You have broken the core elements down super simple I truly recommend this article!

  • Lynn Brown

    November 29, 2015

    This is a powerful and very helpful post Vitaliy! Breaking down the 5 core elements are a great way for anyone to get started to building a profitable online business. Thanks for sharing the value!

  • Dereco Cherry

    November 28, 2015

    You broke down those steps with ease! You have just shard the keys to the kingdom the secret to true home business success Vitaliy. This post is a must read for anyone looking to build a solid long term business online. Thanks for sharing!

  • Dr. Lisa Thompson

    November 28, 2015

    This is so awesome Vitaliy! Like Ron, I bookmarked this…when I first got started in business I had this 5 step formula upside down where I was focused on traffic and not content and value. When I changed this around, I began to see results.

    Dr. Lisa

    • Vitaliy Dubinin

      December 2, 2015

      Hey Lisa yeah I think a lot of people including me are starting this way… Awesome thanks for this!

  • Tara Woodruff

    November 28, 2015

    BOOM! Thank you for breaking these core elements down like you have. I appreciate the time you took to do that!

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    Had to bookmark this one Vitaliy…. great post….thanks for sharing this..

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    November 27, 2015

    Such great detail in this post Vitaliy. Really useful advice you shared and I agree with you about MLSP, its awesome. Thanks for sharing