4 Steps To Breakthrough Any Limiting Negative Thoughts And Beliefs When You Are Going For BIG Goals And Dreams

What happens when you are going for a BIG GOAL and a BIG DREAM like going from zero leads to 50 leads a day, from $0 to $10K a month, or from no team members to a team of 1,000 people and negative thoughts creep in and you start doubting yourself? Today I’ll share with you how to breakthrough those mental barriers and get INSPIRED to take action until you achieve your goals. 

When you are pushing BEYOND your comfort zone, when you are going for something you never done before it’s natural that thoughts will come up like “But I don’t know how, people are going to laugh at me, I should quit, it’s too hard, it’s going to be a waste of money, I have low energy…” 

6-Figures Builders Show #342 – 4 Steps To Breakthrough Any Limiting Negative Thoughts And Beliefs When You Are Going For BIG Goals And Dreams

A couple weeks ago I paid $1,000 to participate in a 90 days coaching and accountability program with 130 other people to breakthrough to another level and we all set BIG goals in the beginning. My goal is by May 1st to make over $20,000 in 1 month, to consistently generate 30+ leads per day and make $700+ in a day on average. Now I had days before that I made over $5,200 in 1 day but it was not everyday. My best month was over $12,000 so it’s doubling my income.

I had this goal of $20K a month for way over a year now. I know pretty much what I should do to reach this goal but I need to focus and step outside my comfort zone. 

When you are in the middle of the comfort zone there is nothing that is really challenging who you are and what’s going on in your heart and in your mind. But when you right on the edge of the comfort zone, that’s where you are getting attacked in your head and in your heart. 

Negative head chatter comes up when you are stretching, when you are in the trenches…

Nobody will know if you don’t make it or try as hard as you can. Nobody knows if you just surf Facebook. Nobody will know if you don’t pursue your goals with all your heart, doing your best. 

Here is what I learned you can do to change your beliefs and energy so that you can accomplish your goals.  

Step 1 – Capture Old Belief Statements 

So first of all you need to write down and capture the negative thoughts that come up when you are going after your goals. No matter how successful you are, when you are challenging yourself to do something big you will have moments of doubts. 

When you are visualizing your big dream and suddenly a thought creeps in and a little voice says “who do you think you are kidding, it’s bullshit” 

When you are doing affirmations and you say “I’m making $30,000 a month” the little voice says “Who are you kidding, you are still living in your mom’s basement” 

When you are taking action steps outside of your comfort zone like: 

  • Shooting videos 
  • Doing webinars
  • Creating New Ads and spending money on testing 
  • Talking to your leads, prospects on the phone 

Step 2 – Change The State And Lift Your Energy Up 

There are plenty of ways to change your emotional state and to really raise your energy. 

You can do yoga, you can meditate, you can put your favorite song and sing and dance.  

You can do jumping jacks, you can exercise and work out, you can read an uplifting book. 

You can watch inspirational videos, you can scream out loud what you want, you can put epic music and declare who you truly are and what you are going to accomplish. 

You can walk around the block, you can say I know I can do it.  You can do a KING Speech.

Remember that you are in charge of your energy! The power plant doesn’t have energy, it generate energy (Brendon Burchard)

Step 3 – Change The Meaning Of Your Limiting Thoughts 

Does it really true this negative thought? I bet you have accomplished so many things in the past. 

I bet you can find so many examples of people who have already achieved what it is that you want to achieve. 

Think about 3 life mentors that you really respect and admire. People who have achieved what you want to achieve, people who are experts in this field. 

Now imagine they are standing right in front of you, what would they tell you? What advice would they give you? 

Like I can imagine that one of my mentors who is sponsoring 10-25 people a day and generating 300-500 leads a day, and making $1K – $9K a day is standing in front of me and saying Vitaliy come on it’s not that hard you can do this. 

Now think about what advice you would give to other people if you had to teach them on this topic? 

There are so many ways to change the meaning of your limiting thoughts. 

Step 4 – Practice The New Belief In Different Contexts 

Now you can write a new belief that you are going to believe and practice seeing yourself and saying this belief in different situations. 

When you are going to take action, when you are in different context, say the new belief to yourself. 

Practice this new belief until you are one with it. You can then accomplish everything that you want and breakthrough to another level!

Hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to leave me a comment and share with your friends!








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  • Kay Somji

    February 21, 2016

    All valid points. For me, stepping out of my comfort zone was the biggest one, doing daily blogs and videos has really put me into a routine now.

  • Gomer Magtibay

    February 20, 2016

    It’s true. Private victory precedes public victory. Thanks for these tips, Vitaliy.

  • Tommy Olsson

    February 20, 2016

    Great tips, we all need to maintain a positive mindset and believe in ourselves to avoid negative beliefs and to be able to keep pushing forward.

  • Edna Keep

    February 19, 2016

    Awesome post! I think this is a great topic to cover and I’m glad that you did! Thanks, Vitaliy.

  • Mey Duldulao

    February 19, 2016

    Thanks Vitaliy this was a great lesson! You gave such powerful steps to breakthrough negative thoughts, I’m going to use these =)