4 Fundamental Keys To Generating More Leads And Increasing Your Conversions

If you don’t understand those 4 fundamental keys to online marketing you are going to really struggle generating leads and converting those leads into sales. This may be basic for experienced online marketers but majority of people really screw it up and don’t practice the fundamentals. 

Key #1 – Understand Your Target Market 

This is such a huge fundamental key to your success online that it’s worth reiterating again and again. 

Who are the people that you want to serve? Who are your ideal customers? Who are the people that most likely to buy what you have to offer? Who are your products and services best geared towards?

You’ve gotta understand their pains, their struggles, their frustrations, as well as what they want and their dreams and hopes and aspirations. 
For example my ideal customers are people who are existing home business entrepreneurs and internet marketers who want to generate leads and brand themselves online. 
I know their #1 problem their are struggling with is lack of high quality leads, people who would be interested in their business. The next problem is they don’t have enough money, one survey showed that 92% of home business entrepreneurs actually make less than $100 per month…
The reason that I have capture pages that convert as high as 60% up to 70% is that I understand my target market and I speak their language, I give them what they want.
Your target market is NOT everybody… You may have the best product in the world that all people need, which is highly unlikely, but the reality is not everybody wants your product even though they might need it.  
So whenever I’m coaching somebody this is one the first things I make sure we are clear on. I’ll give you a couple of more resources in the end to help you with identifying your target market. 

4 Fundamental Keys To Generating More Leads And Increasing Your Conversions


Key #2 – Create An Irresistible Lead Magnet 

The way you are going to attract the people that you want to serve in your target market is by giving them what they want, plain and simple. 
Your lead magnet is just a fancy term to a piece of valuable information that is focused to solve a specific problem in your niche. 
It’s what you give away for FREE to generate leads and build your email list. 
What can you GIVE of value that they really want, something that will solve their problem? 
This is probably the most important part of your ENTIRE online business. So you really must figure out this piece. 
Put some time and thought into it and create something really good. 
Because if you create a crappy lead magnet, something that is generic and not really solves the problem than it’s only going to hurt your reputation online. 
You want to start by giving away your BEST stuff, your very best. You want to make the best first impression that you can on your fresh new leads and start building the relationships of trust.
If you do a great job at this, people will like you, they will trust you and they will respond to your messages.
For example I’ve put together a proven 5-steps daily profit action plan, this is a PDF checklist and resource guide and a video of me walking through it and showing you exactly what you need to focus on to build a profitable 6 figure business from home, and you can actually download it for absolutely FREE here.  
Now if you are brand new, don’t think that you have to put together your own lead magnet to start building your email list. You can start leveraging the existing lead magnets and funnels in MyLeadSystemPro that are already done for you and they provide massive value to the home business marketplace.
I use it all the time, they have the tools for you to create your own capture pages as well but you don’t have to start there is you are brand new. 

Key #3 – Targeted Traffic 

The fact is that not all traffic is created equal. You can buy junk traffic all day long and it will get you nowhere. You want targeted traffic, meaning people are most likely to take advantage of your offers, people in your targeted market. 
Just getting visitors to your site for the sake of doing so will not help you. You need to have targeted people visiting your sites. 
Where are those people that you want hang out online? Are they in forums, in Facebook groups, liking particular Facebook fan pages etc? 
Here is the key: The more you are going to target people who already indicated an interest in your offers by buying similar offers in the past, the better your results will be. 
How can you create an ad or put a piece of content in front of them to drive them back to your lead magnet? 

Key #4 – Strong Follow Up

All the fortunes are made in the follow up. What do you do to continue providing value and building relationships with the people on your email list? 
People are not going to buy from you right from the very first time they are exposed to your offer, for the most part. They need to get a feel of who you are, what do you stand for, what value you provide and they need to trust you. 
How you are following up is going to determine whether or not you make it online.
There are many ways you can follow up with your leads.
You can create an automated follow up sequence in your auto-responder that provides real value, where you teach and train and help people solve their problems. If you don’t yet have an auto-responder, Iit’s an absolute key to have one. I use Aweber personally as it’s very reliable and simple. 
You can create content on a regular basis, videos and blog posts and email it to your email list. 
You can call your leads on the phone and help them individually one-on-one to move forward. I like to use this CRM tool whenever I’m calling my leads, it really helps you with the follow up. 
You can schedule webinars and invite people to your webinars that you are hosting or that other people are hosting. 
So the key is that when you follow up properly with your leads, they are going to like you, they are going to trust you, and when you do put a great offer in front of them, they are going to trust your recommendation and take action if they see the value of course. 
I promise you that if you apply those 4 keys, you are going to be well on your way to building a wildly successful and profitable online business.

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