How To Maximize Your Conversions From The Leads Generate & Build 4 Audiences At The Same Time [6-Fig #390]

A lot of marketers ask me “Vitaliy, how do I maximize my conversions, the amount of sales I’m making from the leads that I’m generating?” and on today’s 6-Figures Show #390 I’m going to answer this question. 

You see let’s say that you are driving traffic and generating leads for $2 per lead, so for a 1,000 leads you paid $2,000. Does it mean you are going to make $2,000 back or generate enough sales? Of course not. Most people are not going to buy straight away what you are offering. The goal is to get $4,000 or $10,000 back on your marketing spend.

So to do that you need to be able to ENGAGE with your leads, to build TRUST and to communicate with them through multiple different channels so they see you all over the place. 

When they check their email they see YOU and get value from you, when they login to Facebook they see your posts in your Facebook Group, profile and your fan page and they see your ads, when they login to YouTube they still see YOUR videos! 

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1.Your Email List 

So this is obviously your #1 audience you want to build. Treat your email subscribers well, provide value, education and entertainment and you will prosper. 

People ALWAYS check their email, so you want to be the person they are EXCITED to open the emails from. 

2. Your Facebook Fan Page 

Now in your thank you page or your email follow up you can invite them to like your Fan Page, and now whenever you post something on Facebook they can potentially see it! Also you can advertise to your fans on Facebook. 

Here is my Fan Page – – I post cool videos there that I don’t post anywhere else.

You need to have your fan page set up and engage your audience there. 

3. Your Facebook Group

Another cool way to engage your leads is to invite them to your Facebook group! Now you can see exactly who your leads are and communicate with them, provide value!

Here is my Facebook Group – 

4. Retargeting

You can paste a simple Retargeting pixel on your thank you page and advertise to those people who have visited your pages, this way you can be in front of them wherever they go! 

Have you seen ads from people on Facebook that no matter where you went – on your phone, on Facebook and even different sites they kind of following you around the Internet? Well that’s how retargeting works. 

They place a cookie in your computer and now Facebook knows that someone visited your page and you can communicate with them and be in front of them all the time! 

5. Your YouTube Channel

Also you can have a YouTube channel that you build and provide value there and lifestyle. It’s another way of communicating and engaging with your leads. 

Here is my YouTube channel:


So you have it, now you can build multiple audiences at the same time and increase your conversions this way! Try it 🙂 

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