3 Conversion Hacks To Help You Make More Commissions In Your Business [6-Fig #387]

The challenge with any kind of paid traffic is that you need to convert this traffic into leads and sales otherwise you’ll go broke. The question is how do you convert $1 you spend on advertising into $4?  On today’s 6-Figures Show Episode #387 I’ll share with you 3 Conversion hacks that will help you make make more profits and commissions in your business. 
There are all kinds of way to drive traffic – FB ads, YouTube ads, solo ads, PPV, PPC, Banners etc. but how do you convert this traffic profitably? I’ll share with you how I’m able to take $2,750 and turn it into $15,000 and how I routinely take $30 and turn it into $600 – $1,000. You can learn how I do it in my new book “Recruit Daily Online – The Easy way”  that you can download for FREE here. 
Now there are LOTS of things that you can do to improve your traffic sources, your landing pages to get more leads, but also most marketers suck at conversions. If you can learn how to convert 6% of your leads into sales you can make millions with the right strategies. 
It’s important to realize that Internet Marketing is not a quick fix. You need to have a long term vision and strategy in place. Just because you buy one solo ad doesn’t mean you are going to get rich. 
Now the fundamentals of all online marketing strategies is you gotta BUILD AN AUDIENCE – your email list, Facebook followers, Facebook groups, Twitter and Instagram, Custom audience for retargeting etc. then ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE and then MONETIZE your audience. Now let’s dive into the episode and I’ll share with you how to do it and the 3 conversions hacks:

3 Conversion Hacks To Help You Make More Commissions In Your Business


Conversions Hack #1 – Have A High Converting Offer 

Without high converting offer it’ll be very difficult for you to turn your $1 into $4. 
It has to be something that converts very well on the front end, something that is LOW COST and low barrier to entry. 
It has to be an offer that provides tangible and immediate results and has high VALUE. 
Here is an example of a high converting offer – it’s just $1 to get started and you get your very own success coach teaching you step by step how to generate 6 figure income in the next 90 days, now that’s incredibly valuable for just $1 you agree?

Conversions Hack #2 – Thank You Page

When you have your own lead magnet you don’t want to just deliver it to them right away, you want to get into the habit of them opening up your emails and engaging with you.
So brand yourself upfront, have a thank you page and a thank you video where you confirm they are in the right place to check in their inbox a training you sent them. 
Lead is worthless if they are not opening your emails and reading your emails. 
Create engagement  and built trust & authority.
You can invite them to register for your webinar on a thank you page, or join your Facebook group and Facebook page.
You can even offer a FREE 15 minute consultation on skype.  

Conversions Hack #3 – Create Engaging Follow Up 

Average online buyer will consume 10 pieces of content before making a purchase. All the money is in the follow up. 
Create & scale engagement through valuable content – videos you produce, blog posts and training. Invite them to your webinar. 
Share a story, build TRUST and AUTHORITY. 
Share proof and testimonials. 
Invite them to connect with you on Facebook and Skype. 
Follow is KEY to your success and conversions. 

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