2 Best Tips That Will Help You Be More Consistent And Productive [DIS #175]

Have you ever struggled with consistency? Well I believe that consistency is everything in business, it’s the most important key to your success and that’s why I’m going to give you my 2 biggest tips that will help you become more consistent and productive.  

I mean your whole business really depends on you being consistent in creating great valuable content out there in the marketplace, consistently creating videos, updating social media channels, and emailing your list. Show me 1 person who is successful and not consistent.  

Tip #1 – Have A Vision For The Type Of Person You Want To Become

This will help you with consistency more than anything else. 

Ask yourself how do you want to be described? How do you want people talk about you? When you go to an event, what do you want people to say? How do you want to represent your brand and yourself? Do you want to be the person that is asked to speak on stage? 

The reason why I’m so consistent and created over 330 training videos in the last 12 months is because I know who I want to become. 

I want to make a difference and inspire thousands of people around the world to live life on their terms, to be financial free working from home. I want to be sought after speaker and expert, I want to be invited to speak on webinars and on stages. 

Now in a couple of months I’m going to be speaking at Live The Dream 6 event in front of 450+ hungry entrepreneurs and it only happened because I was consistent. Interviewing Mike Dillard1

When you have a vision and you don’t do what you know you should be doing, you feel in-congruent within yourself, you don’t feel good. 

Fear is a very bad motivator over the long term.  

Pain pushes you until vision pulls you. – Michael Beckwith

If your only motivation is out of fear and pain, then it’s going to be hard to sustain it. 

I understand that you might be in pain, sick and tired of your current situation and you want to change it badly.

Great, let it drive you BUT who is the kind of person that you want to become? 

Tip #2 – Have A Daily Routine That You’ll Do It No Matter What

Have a core set of activity that you will do NO MATTER WHAT, no matter if all hell breaks loose, no matter if you feel sick, no matter ANYTHING. 

Put up a calendar and put a big red X when you do this and make sure to never break the strikes 🙂

I recommend that you do it first thing in the morning, when you are the most fresh and energized and have the most will power. 

For me, after I drink water and eat breakfast and listen to personal development and read a book, I shoot my video. 

I challenge myself to grow and contribute no matter what each day and I challenge you too. 

Even if I sick, even if something happens, even if I’m tired, even if suddenly my video camera stops working or the SD card breaks down, I’ll find a way to record the video…

What is it for you that you are going to commit doing no matter what?

2 Best Tips That Will Help You Be More Consistent And Productive

One of the best examples I can give you in the home business space is Ray Higdon, the guy has been creating over 1,600 blog posts and videos you know, and because of his consistency he is now getting 100,000+ unique monthly visitors to his blog, 3,000 – 4,000 leads every month and making anywhere from $5K to over $9K every day from his blog. Yeah this guy is a beast 🙂

By the way I hosted a webinar with Ray Higdon a couple days ago teaching 5 steps to becoming an online authority and it will not only help you become more consistent but also how to become an authority and credible expert in your space by creating videos and blog posts consistently.

By the way Ray has re-opened the registration for his brand new course the 3-Minute Expert up until Tuesday June 2nd midnight, so if you haven’t had a chance yet now is the opportunity to grab $4,200 worth of bonuses from Ray, get an incredible course and additional $400 bonus from me. (Check out my bonuses here)

Remember that consistency is absolutely key. Feel free to reach out to me and I’ll help you with coming up with a consistent plan of action. 

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  • Joan Harrington

    June 1, 2015

    Absolutely! Consistency is key!! Loved this post Vitaliy! Thanks for sharing these valuable tips that anyone who is serious about building a real business online need to take action on and do!