2 Primary Ways To Convert Your Leads Into Buyers

A lot of people are asking me how to convert leads into buyers? Because as much as lead generation is super critically important that you focus on it every single day, it’s only half of the equation. The other half is leads conversion, because you can generate leads and still not make any money…

There are so many things that you can do to increase conversion rates like tweaking your sales funnels, your opt-in rates on your capture pages, your email open rates and click-through rates etc. but today I want to talk to you about 2 primary ways to convert your leads into buyers. 

Lead Conversion Tip #1 – Get On The Phone With Your Leads

There is nothing like this raw and real one-on-one conversation when you can really help someone move forward, but most people don’t do it for 2 primary reasons. 

Some internet marketers are still living in the fantasy land where they hope that they can just sit behind a computer, drive traffic and make sales. Well I’m not saying you can’t do that because I do have sales coming in on autopilot without me picking up the phone or having a direct conversation but it takes a LOT of skill and you can’t do that when you are fairly new into the business. 

Yes there is much more leverage in doing a webinar and talking one to many, yes if you have a lot of results online and you have dialed in funnels, your own products,  you have a brand and reputation, you can get away without talking to your leads. But even the highest paid home business entrepreneurs I know pick up the phone…  

You can’t rely on hope marketing, if you don’t want to talk to people one-on-one then get out right now of the home business industry.

Second reason is people are afraid to pick up the phone because they have an agenda in mind, they don’t want to be found out as incompetent and then they ego is hurt…

Lose your agenda! Drop the focus off of you and how you need to make a sale, don’t be in a desperate pitch mode…Put all of your focus and your attention on your prospect!

Nobody give a crap about you, I’m sorry. I want to be straight with you. All your lead cares about is themselves. 

It’s not about you, it’s all about them, their wants, their needs, their desires, their problems, their situation. 

It’s not about how bad do you want to make a commission, it’s about how bad do you want to help them make money.

Be genuinely interested in them! Ask questions like how is it going? How are you doing today? What can I do for you? What is it that you are looking for? What do you do for a living? How long have you been doing it? Are you full time or part time online? What made you decide to do it exactly? Have you been doing anything before that? Do you enjoy what you do? What’s your marketing strategy? Etc…

Here you can get some free training on prospecting on the phone that will help you out. 

Find out their motivation in their heart. Once you know their motivation it’s easy. See if there is a good fit between their needs and situation and what you bring to the table. If it’s not a good fit be willing to let it go and don’t push your product down people’s throats. 

Lead Conversion Tip #2 – Do webinars, Create Content and Practice Attraction Marketing 

Yeah I know, I should have not slam it all into one tip 🙂 But you know what, if you want higher conversions you just need to provide more value. 

Start doing webinars and hangouts and invite people on your list. Start creating videos and training and put content out there.

Show that you are a valuable person to be working with.

When you do it consistently people will start reaching out to you and ask to learn more about how they can be a part of what you are doing. They will ask for your links, they will buy from you because they trust you.  That’s what attraction marketing is all about. 

You attract people to you by the value you provide. There is no magic in here. It’s called passive marketing strategy because it takes time to build up your reputation, to produce results, to get better at delivering your message and producing content. It takes time to practice those skills. 

Actually in my 5 Step Daily Profit Action Plan I go into much more details about how to increase conversions and it will show you exactly what you need to be focusing on 5-6 times per week to build a 6-figure business. You can download it for FREE here. 

2 Primary Ways To Convert Your Leads Into Buyers

I hope that you got a lot of value out of this training and you are going to increase your conversions!

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