18 Hypnotic Headlines & High-Converting Capture Page Secrets ( Part 2 Of 2 )

Alright so how was the first part, have you started thinking about different kind of ideas to create high converting capture pages with hypnotic headlines?

I can’t stress it enough the importance to master this stuff. Your capture pages are the gateway to your entire online business. If you create high converting capture pages then you’ll have more leads for every dollar you spend on advertising and more importantly you establish yourself as an authority right from the very first point of contact with your visitors.

Today I’m going to share with you 14 additional headline hooks that you can run with to create high converting landing pages. And in case you wonder what’s the best way to create those landing pages my first recommendation is leadpages, it absolutely the best on the market today and my second recommendation would be MLSP done for you capture pages.

One more thing, your headlines should generate an emotional response within your visitors, because the more they are emotionally aroused, the faster they’ll want to put in their name and email address and learn from you. Here is a very cool resource for you to check the emotional value of your headline – http://www.aminstitute.com/headline/

For example if I put in the headline from the last post to this website – “FREE 44 Minute Interview With Copywriting Legend Dan Kennedy Reveals 3 Tricks To Instantly Boost Your Conversions by 11.3%” – it has 42.11% EMV score which is awesome. Anything above 40% is a great headline. 


Make sure you use this tool and check the EMV score of your headlines.

Back to the fill-in-the-blanks headlines that I learned from an awesome copywriter Brian Fanale going through his copywriting mastery course:

Headline Hook #5 Attention

Call out the attention of people in your target audience, it speaks directly to them, Of course when you are driving traffic you want to be laser specific and have only those people come to your website.

“Attention Stay At Home Moms: Discover How One 45 y/o Stay at Home Mom Made $101,783 in 6 Months…and Retired Her Husband From Corporate Slavery & How You Can Do It Too…”

Enter Your Name & Email fo your FREE 10 min. video

Something like that. You usually will put Attention in the pre headline text.

Headline Hook #6 How To

If you’re stuck for headline ideas, you can never go wrong with how to. How to do, have or get the benefit of your product. You already know the real benefit of your product so put it in the how to headline.

Example: “FREE: 16 Min Video Reveals How To Get Fresh Leads From Facebook in 24 Hours Even If You’re Brand New…No Tech Skills Required!”

Enter Your Best Email for INSTANT ACCESS to your video.

You always underline, italicize and bold the real benefit or the emotion of the action you want your prospects to take. That headline is another 40% on the EMV score.

Headline Hook #7 Discover

When you say discover you imply that you have some secret and it really hooks people. Here some other words that will induce that curiosity:

uncover, unveil, unmask, witness, hi-jack, legally steal, peel back the curtain, right before your eyes. 

Example: FREE 45 Minute Deadly Copywriting Training…

“Discover the 12 Undeniable Human Needs that Control ALL Buying Decisions, and How To Fulfill these Needs In 13 Words Or Less!

WARNING: Fulfill Just ONE of These Needs, and They Buy Your Stuff!

Notice again what is being underline and bolded. It’s what they want to do, it’s overt and covert commands that tell them what to do.

Headline Hook #8 Wanted

Very engaging word, people wonder if there is danger here or someone in trouble like they have seen wanted criminals…

Example: “WANTED: Entrepreneurs Who Wish To Start a Business Online, but Feel They Don’t Have the “Techie” Computer Skills Required”

FREE 34 Page Report proves how any ‘non-techie’ person can start a real, profitable online business in the next 48 hours! 

They know exactly what they are getting once again, underlining and emphasizing the commands and the emotions you want them to start feeling.

Headline Hook #9 Who Else

These two words really suggest and implies that someone else got ‘X” result because of your product, and that’s it possible for them too!

It screams that I’ve got the solution and I’ve got proof for you.

Example: Who Else Wants FREE Leads For Life?

“FREE Download: 9 Page E-Book Unveils The Future of SEO and how this Prediction can Get You FREE Leads 4 Life From Google.”

Enter Your Best E-Mail for Your FREE 9-Page PDF Download!

Do you start noticing the same patterns and seeing how different hooks or power words are used together to create even stronger emotional response? FREE+Who Else in this example. They know exactly what they are getting 9-page pdf.

Headline Hook #10 Guarantee

When you guarantee something it makes your offer more believable because people naturally are inclined to trust, people like guarantees, it builds rapport and it gains trust.

Example: Want a whiter smile?

Bizzare Home-Made ‘Toothpaste’ Clinically Proven & GUARANTEED to Give You a Beautiful White Smile Without Ever Having to Visit Your Dentist!”

Enter Your Best E-Mail for Your FREE Easy to Make, Step-by-Step, 6-Part Recipe.

Headline Hook #11 Questions

Simply ask them open ended questions and you will get them to think and engage them.

Example: What Could 26 Leads per Day for FREE do for YOUR Business?

“12 Page Twitter Report Unmasks how we Get 26 Leads per day from Twitter, and How You Can Too!

Fill Out the Form With Your Best E-Mail For Your FREE Report.

You don’t ask close ended questions like do you want free leads? No. Ask open ended questions.

Headline Hook #12  Reasons

Give people reasons to do X, which is the benefit of your product. Give people reasons to enter their email address.

Example: “FREE 14 Page Report Reveals The Top 7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website to Increase Your Profit Margin 10-Fold!”

WARNING: Reason #3 will make your heart stop when you see this staggering statistic…

I hope you notice a lot of elements keep repeating – FREE, specificity ( 14 page report, 7 reasons, 10-fold ), curiosity ( reason #3 will make your heart stop ), bolding and italicizing the benefit, the result, the covert or overt embedded command, the emotions.

Give them reasons why they have to/must/need do X.

Headline Hook #13  Warning

Another very big attention grabber, because people want to avoid pain at ALL costs, pain is much stronger motivator than gaining pleasure. Their red flag immediately comes up, is it a secret, a drama, a gossip or a danger. Whatever the case they are paying attention and it interrupts their pattern.

Example: WARNING: 5 Catastrophic Mistakes Keep 89% of Online Business Owners Broke.

“FREE 17 Minute Interview Reveals All 5, and How You Can Avoid Them to Ensure YOUR Online Success!

Enter Your Best E-Mail for INSTANT ACCESS

Look at the Emotional Power Words – Catastrophic, Mistakes, Broke, Reveals… Reveals ( like Discover ), 17 ( number – specificity ), bolding the embedded command. Powerful copywriting 🙂

Headline Hook #14  Promise A Benefit

Example: “FREE DOWNLOAD: 6-Figure Facebook Marketer Reveals the 8 Simple Daily Things You can Do to Get More Leads and Make More Money with Facebook.”

DISCLAIMER: takes less than 9 minutes per day!

That’s the benefit – the 8 simple daily things, free download…

Headline Hook #15  Time-Sensitive Deadline or Limited Time Offer

People don’t want to miss out. You always increase conversions when you put a time sensitive offer, because it creates URGENCY. People don’t want to lose. Say things like “I’m closing the doors in X days”…for the next 5 days I’m allowing “X” amount of people to get access to…

I’m opening my coaching services to the first 5 people who respond…


“FREE DOWNLOAD: Invaluable 27-Page REPORT on How I Get 46 Leads per Day with YouTube, and How You Can Too!”

WARNING: Once 100 People Download this Astonishing Report, I’m Taking this Website Down…so HURRY!

Of course be congruent and really fulfill on what you are saying.

Headline Hook #16   NEWSWORTHY or NEW

People love new things, it implies that you have something HOT, something ground breaking.

Here are some power sexy words that will help you: “Ground-Breaking, Never-Been-Done Before, Revolutionary, Breakthrough, Introducing, Announcing, Finally” 

Example: “Revolutionary WordPress Plugin Allows You To Get 37 Leads From Facebook For FREE With Only 20 Min Of Work”

Headline Hook #17  They Laughed

It’s taken from the classic ad from 1926 – They Laughed When I Sat Down to Play the Piano, but when I Started to Play…

It can stir a lot of emotions and engage the imagination.

Example: “They Laughed When I told them I Was Going to Get Rich Online, But When I Walked Them Thru My New Million Dollar Home…”

ENTER YOUR BEST E-MAIL to See How You  Too can Build a Business Online (FREE 19 minute video)

Headline Hook #18  Ways, Steps, Tricks, Hacks, X-STEP Blueprint, X-Point Checklist

Specificity always hooks people, # of ways to do X, # of steps to do Y, 14-Step blueprint.

Again people want to know exactly what they are getting – it’s tangible and concrete.

Example: FREE Download for ALL Copywriters

Legally Steal My ’10-Point Sales Letter Checklist’ so YOU Can Crank Out Kick-Ass, Profit-Pulling Sales Letters Starting Today!”

This EXACT ’10-point checklist’ has Churned Out $25MIL in Online Sales, and will Skyrocket YOUR Conversions GUARANTEED!

Let’s dissect this example, how many different hooks can you find out here? 1) FREE 2) ATTENTION ( copywriters ) 3) DISCOVER ( Legally Steal ) 4) Checklist 5) GUARANTEED 6) Promise a benefit

You see why this is a high converting landing page copy ( for the right audience )?

These hooks are gold. Play with them and create your own high converting landing pages and sales funnels. If you want to dig deeper into copywriting mastery, then click here.


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