18 Hypnotic Headlines & High-Converting Capture Page Secrets ( Part 1 Of 2 )

Copywriting QuoteWhat is the most important asset when you’re building any business online? It’s your email list, your subscribers, people who know, like and trust you, people who are opening your emails.

Everything you do online should be focused on building your email list and developing relationships of trust and authority with people right from the very first point of contact.

Imagine how your business will look like when you have thousands of people opening your emails, reading your messages, trusting your words and buying whatever you’re marketing…that’s the goal. Some people make as much as $10,000/Day with every email they send.

That’s why it’s so crucial for you to master the art of creating high converting and authority building landing pages.

How do you get as many visitors as possible who visit your landing page to fill out the form with their email address?

Your landing pages in many cases are the first point of contact with your brand, and your goal is not only to hook them, to grab their attention, to interrupt their pattern, to invoke curiosity in their brain, to convey to them that you have the solution they want, to fulfill their needs and to turn your visitors into leads, BUT ALSO to position YOU as an authority in their eyes so that they will pay attention to you and open your emails.

Best way to do that is to create first a lead bait – a lead magnet – or whatever you want to call it – something of value that you’re going to teach them.

I’ve learned a lot about creating lead baits and high converting landing pages from studying the copywriting course of a genius copywriter Brian Fanale, I’m listening to it again and again, you can learn so much from it. You can grab your copy here.

Before I jump into that, it’s important to get the big picture of what you’re trying to do.
First you have to know EXACTLY what your target market wants and needs ( that is your Lead Bait ).

Second, you have to know exactly WHERE you are going to market your “Lead Bait” – where you’re advertising, because you ad or traffic source should be as congruent as possible to the capture page, and also if, for example, you are marketing on Facebook you can say something on the capture page that appeals to people who come from Facebook.
Third, you have to know exactly who you are going to target with your lead bait.

Now Your lead bait MUST have perceived and real value ( Why else they would leave their email address? ), it must offer a laser targeted solution to a laser targeted market, it must convey you actually have a solution to their pain, it must promise ONE big things as oppose to many different things, it must be consumed fast and be specific, prospects should know exactly what they are getting and in which format they will consume it ( 16 min. video for example ), it must give your prospect instant gratification and pleasure ( people want to feel they’ve got value from you ASAP ),

There are no hard rules regarding how many words should be on a capture page, use as many words as you require to capture their attention, interrupt their pattern, engage them, and “hook them” to fill out the form…

I found that a simple capture page a lot of the times outperforms complex ones 🙂

Let’s dig into some of the lead capture page headline hooks that you can use:

HEADLINE HOOK #1 – Testimony

When you are having success or members of your team or people in your company have success, it’s always a good idea to showcase it in the lead capture page. It is social proof, it instills belief, it creates trust, it builds rapport.
It also implies that there was a before and after, that you have a solution that can get X result ( proof is there ). What your prospects think in their heads -” if they can do it, so could I!”

Here is an example: “Broke Bartender Goes From $30,000 In Debt To $30,000 A Month Online Because Of ONE Simple Lead-Getting Secret.”

FREE: 14 minute video reveals the ONE online generation “hack” that turned a broke bartender into an online millionaire.

Very spesific – 14 minute video, it’s about ONE big secret, you see there are many hooks in this headline.

Talk here how you went from zero or being in debt and being ex construction worker or whatever to achieving X result in Z time with some cool secret.


Remember that people don’t buy your product, they buy the benefits of the products ( especially hidden ones ).

What does your product really do for your customer? What are some of the hidden benefits?

Example: “FREE DOWNLOAD: Easy 15 Minute Workout to Lose 15 Pounds in 10 Days...No TreadMill or Cardio Required!”

Imagine your girlfriends’ faces when you throw on the bikini this summer…

There is a reason why lose 15 pounds in 10 days is underlined – that’s the real benefit that they want, and girlfriends’ faces and the bikini is the hidden benefit.

One of the hidden benefits for example of starting a home based business is being able to fire your boss, or take your kids to the disnay land.

HEADLINE HOOK #3 Tell Them a Secret

This is one of the human needs that you learn in copywriting mastery course.
People will do anything for those who tell them secrets, so simply promise a secret.

This is a huge curiosity inducer, people want to know secrets.

Example: “Secret Underground Lead-Generation Strategy Gets 14+ Laser-Targeted Leads to YOUR Website In Less Than 24 Hours…”

Fill Out The Form with Your Name & Email for Instant Access to a FREE 6 minute “Tell-All” Video

Again very specific, people know exactly what they are getting, it speaks to a known result that they want leads, and they are going to get 6 minute video.


Everyone loves FREE, so it’s always a good word to use in the headline. Tell them that you are going to give them free instant access. It can be free download, free 9 page ebook, 12 minute mp3 recording, 20 min. interview.

Again be specific here and tell them exactly how they are going to consume it. After they opt-in, you can tell them on the sales page ( or your pre-sell video ), that it’s being delivered AS PROMISED to their inbox..and check this out in the meantime. 🙂

Sometimes people leave fake email addresses to get to see what is it on the other side and if you tell them it’s arriving at their inbox they will be forced to come back and enter their real email if your hook is strong enough.

Example: “FREE 44 Minute Interview With Copywriting Legend Dan Kennedy Reveals 3 Tricks To Instantly Boost Your Conversions by 11.3%”

WARNING: At minute 33 Dan exposes the power of HYPNOSIS” in your copywriting and it’s not for the faint of heart…

Look how specific this headline is and how it invokes further curiosity with at minute 33…you can do it with PDFs too – on page 3 you will discover X.

There are 14 more headline hooks that I want to share with you on the next post, you’re going to love them.

I hope you got a lot of value from his post and you have taken some notes, this is very advanced and super powerful stuff that can make you dangerously persuasive copywriter 🙂

If you’d like to learn how to generate leads for your business and market on the internet I invite you to start going through my FREE 7 day video training ( plus some unadvertised bonuses ), click here to get your free training.

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