What Is Viral Sustainability Cycle And How We Are Going To Make Our Next $100 Million Dollars

I just arrived to Miami yesterday and today I’m going to attend a special Live event called “Generation Hero” in a private top secret Villa where I’m going to mastermind with 15 millionaires and a lot of 6-figure earners and broadcast it to thousands of people who will watch it from their homes. 

I’m very excited to share with you what I’m going to learn in this event, what this event will help do is create a new wave of generational heroes, entrepreneurs who are going to build teams and creates lots of residual income in the process. 

So I want to share with you what is Viral Sustainability Cycle because it’s something that is going to help you create a lot of wealth on the internet but first watch this little short video that I recorded for you in my hotel room where I stay in Miami, it’s about how you should not fall in love with your success:

Alright so What Is Viral Sustainability Cycle? 

Well in a nutshell it’s when you bring new team members and customers and they start blogging and bringing more traffic and sales into your business and it spreads virally on fire. 

So to understand it let’s talk about blogging and funnels. 

Blogging generates social and organic traffic to your funnels and it converts higher then any form of traffic. 

Even if you do paid advertising, and you are going to generate leads let’s say with Facebook PPC or solo ads, you will be channeling this traffic back to your blog posts that you have created. 

Why? Because online businesses are built on content and the relationships that you are building with your fans, followers, subscribers, customers, team members. 

Blog is your home on the Internet, it’s an environment that you totally control and it’s one of the main ways that you are going to provide value in the marketplace.

So let’s go back to Viral sustainability cycle. 

Let’s say you have a FUNNEL in place that can converts traffic (visitors) into leads, and leads into sales and residual income and then you have an upsell process to generate more high ticket commissions. 

Now when you refer a customer and team member who starts BLOGGING, he is on your team. So all of the traffic that he is generating with his blog and all of the sales that he is creating is actually you are earning % of all of it. How cool is that? 

So people transform and start creating content and share it all over the internet and it spreads virally and generate perpetual traffic and all of this traffic benefits you! 

That’s viral sustainability cycle. 

From what David Wood shared, on this blogging platform Kalatu, there are going to be 100,000,000 page views per month in a year, that’s crazy!  And this is how the next $100 Million Dollars are going to be created. 

==> Take Action On This And Help Create The Next $100,000,000

Now people can very easily create a blog in just minutes and it’s ALREADY optimized for generating leads on the get go so people need to only start blogging. They actually modeled a theme from Neil Patel who is a 7-figure blogger. 

So people get started, create a blog that looks awesome and start creating traffic and leads and some of those leads will become customers and buy additional products, and you are earning a $ of all of this. 

That’s why I’m excited to be part of this movement because I know that it’s going to help a lot of people to live a life of FREEDOM and that’s my mission. 

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