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Ready, Fire, Aim!

On today’s 6-Figures Show #452 I’ll share with you how important it is to adopt this mindset of ready, fire and aim. As you transition from being an employee and stepping into the world of online entrepreneurship, as you are striving to grow, to stretch yourself, to become better, to step into the unknown, your…

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What Is Bitcoin And How You Can Greatly Profit From It [6-Figures Show #447]

Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet has been said to be the the greatest invention in the history of the world after the Internet, it created many multi-millionaires, the value of 1 bitcoin has grown to be worth over the ounce of GOLD, and is predicted to go up to $10K and even $50K per…

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6 Figures #433 – The BIG Difference Between Sales & Marketing

The marketplace is bombarded with big claims and promises all the time and you constantly feel like you are being sold to.. Well on today’s 6-Figures Show #433 I’ll share with you the BIG difference between marketing and selling, and I believe it’s the root cause of why most marketers fail, they think it’s all…

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How To Get Your Story in Front Of 1000’s Of People [6-Fig #428]

How would you like to have hundreds of highly qualified and interested prospects reaching out to you to find more about how they can work with you? What if you did the work once and have all of those people coming to you day and day out on complete autopilot? Well it’s possible to achieve…

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How To Be More Productive, Focused & Creative [6-Figures #416]

On today’s 6-Figures Show #416 I’ll give you 3 tips how to be more focused, productive and create positive contributions in the marketplace like all the top producers. Download a free copy of my new book “5 Step To Recruit 30+ New Members Per Month” Here   

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Why Would People Want To Do Business With You?

On today’s 6-Figures show #414 I’d like you to answer one of the most important questions you can ask yourself if you are in any business – “Why would people want to do business with you versus anyone else?” Why would people want to buy your products and services, join your business? What is unique…

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How Do You Believe In Yourself More?

How do you believe in yourself more? Sometimes we start an online business, and we want to live this freedom and abundance lifestyle and make a difference in other people’s lives and some people struggle for weeks, months and years without getting any substantial results, and we tend to doubt ourselves and lose hope. I’ll…

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6-Figures Show #404 – Million Dollars Tip: Traditional Selling Versus Home Based Business Success

Hey I know it’s been a long time since I last posted on this blog. I made over 320 posts and stopped for several months to discover simpler strategies that allowed me to generate $120,000 in 4 months without blogging! I’ve been traveling a lot, to Arizona, Texas, Thailand, Las Vegas, Philippines, San Jose California.…

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How To Attract More Abundance Into Your Life

You deserve to be wealthy, to be abundant, you deserve to live a life of freedom, this is your birthright. In today’s 6-Figures show #397 you will learn how to attract more abundance into your life.  Being rich is your choice so is being poor.  You are where you are financially and all the other…

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How Long Will It Take Me To Be Successful And Profitable In My Business?

A question that I got asked a lot is “How long will it take me to be successful, to start making money, to be profitable in my online business?” Is it a day? a week? a month? a year? 2 years? The video below is my answer to the question. Take it in and face…

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